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Assigning Ssd Numbers; Linking System Speed Dial Numbers - Panasonic KEY TELEPHONE User Manual

In conjunction with the panasonic icx.
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Replace the handset or press the ON/OFF key.

Assigning SSD Numbers

SSD numbers require system programming.
SSD numbers are numbers that are frequently called by many different individuals
at your location; such as a branch or corporate office, a package delivery service, or
a travel agent. SSD numbers must be programmed from the attendant's phone. Once
programmed, they are available for everyone to use.
A maximum of 80 or 800 SSD numbers are allowed, depending on the system. In an
80 SSD number system, SSD numbers are stored in bins 00-79. In an 800 SSD
system, SSD numbers are stored in bins 000-799. You dial SSD numbers by entering
the appropriate bin number or by using one-touch or soft keys. For more
information, see "Dialling Speed Dial Numbers" on page 34.
To dial an SSD number using the one-touch keys on a non-display or small-
display phone, you must first assign the SSD number to a PSD bin number. For more
information, see "Assigning and Deleting PSD Numbers" on page 22.

Linking System Speed Dial Numbers

To handle phone numbers longer than 25 characters, you can link up to six SSD
numbers in one PSD bin. You can then dial the entire number (each SSD number
contained in the chain) by pressing the programmed PSD key or by entering the
speed dial bin number.
• Before linking multiple SSD numbers to a PSD bin, the SSD bins must
already have been programmed with the appropriate speed dial information.
(This requires system programming.)
• If numbers do not appear on the display (00-79 or 000-799) when you use
SSD codes, your extension is not programmed to display that data.
To link speed dial numbers to a PSD bin
Pick up the handset or press the ON/OFF key.
• Press the PROG key and then press the MEMORY key.
• Enter the Speed Dial Set/Clear code (default =
Press the soft or one-touch key (for the PSD bin [80-99]) to be programmed.
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