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Honda 08B26-S5T-1000-91 Installation Instructions Manual page 14

Cd changer attachment kit for honda civic si 2002-2005
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60. Check that all wire harnesses are routed properly
and all connectors are plugged in.
61. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery, and
set the clock.
62. Enter the customer's radio anti-theft code, and
reset the radio station presets.
63. Check the operation of the CD changer according
to the Owner's Manual.
64. Put the CD changer Owner's Manual and the
shipping clips retained in step 41 in the glove
65. Reinstall all removed parts.
66. Do the engine control module (ECM) idle learn
Make sure all electrical items (A/C, audio, rear
defogger, lights, etc.) are off.
Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at
3,000 rpm with no load (in Park or Neutral) until
the radiator fan comes on.
Let the engine idle for 5 minutes with the
throttle fully closed and all electrical items off.
NOTE: When the radiator fan comes on, do not
include its running time in the 5 minutes.
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