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Honda Music Link AAM 31318-31569 User Manual: Using Music Link With Honda Tts; Honda Tts / Info Tags

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Using Music Link With Honda TTS

To get the most out of Music Link, first install the Honda
TTS software application provided on the Honda Music
Link CD. This optional software installs on the Mac or PC
you use with your iPod. It creates voice prompts to help
you find music on your iPod, and it allows you to shuffle
songs, shuffle albums, seek/skip to the next song/album
or previous song/album, and search playlists, albums,
artists, and genres.
Honda TTS
Honda TTS is a software application that creates text-to-
speech (TTS) files based on the information tags
attached to each song on your iPod. Once installed on
your computer, Honda TTS automatically launches every
time you connect your iPod
to your computer. It scans
the music on your iPod and
creates TTS files that contain
all of the voice prompts
Music Link will need to help
you search for music.
Info Tags Screen in iTunes
Info Tags
Each song on your iPod and in iTunes
has a set of "info tags" attached to it,
like Name, Artist, Album, Year, etc.
(below left). You can edit these info
tags by:
Clicking on the desired song in
Going to File, then Get Info
Clicking on the Info tab
Honda TTS scans the information
contained in the Artist, Album, and
Genre info tag fields. It also scans the
names of the playlists on your iPod. It
then creates TTS files for the first letter
of every artist, album, genre, and
playlist, as well as TTS files for the
names of every artist, album, genre,
and playlist on your iPod. The TTS files
are saved in your iTunes library and as
playlists on your iPod and in iTunes.
Each TTS playlist begins with "ZZZTTS"
Table of Contents
TTS Files/Playlists
in iTunes


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