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Honda Music Link FIT FIT Sport User Manual: Tips

For fit and fit sport.
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Audio System Controls
RDM Button: Press the RDM button (Preset 2) on the
audio system to shuffle all songs within the selected
category/play mode. For example, if you select and
play a playlist (Disc 1) and then press the RDM
button, Honda Music Link will shuffle all songs within
that playlist in random order.
NOTE: The RDM button does not work while Honda
Music Link is in the shuffle all songs (Disc 6) play mode.
After pushing the appropriate button to activate a play
mode or category search, it may take up to 10 seconds
for Music Link to announce the alphabet or names
associated with that play mode or category search.
Selecting a Disc Number: Unlike using a CD
changer, when using Honda Music Link, the preset
buttons (1–6) on your vehicle's audio system do not
directly correspond to Honda Music Link's different
play modes and category searches (Disc 1–6). To scroll
thru the disc numbers (play modes/category
searches), use only the DISC– (Preset 5) and DISC+
(Preset 6) buttons, then press and hold either
SEEK/SKIP button (
) for at least 1 full second.
Display Info
Honda Music Link does not display iPod information (like
song titles or artist names) on the audio system display.
Tag Info
Song Titles: Honda Music Link does not search the
music on an iPod by song name; it only searches
music by artist, album, genre, and playlist name.
Honda Music Link does not recognize punctuation
(commas, periods, question marks, dashes, slashes,
ampersands, etc.). It also does not recognize special
characters and accents (à, é, ï, ô, etc.). If punctuation
or special characters/accents are used in the artist,
album, genre, or playlist name, Honda Music Link will
announce it on your audio system as "punctuation" or
"not speakable."
Make sure there are no spaces before the first letter
or number in the names of your playlists, artists,
albums, and genres.
Keep your music organized with correctly spelled
info tags (artist, album, and genre).
Do not keep empty playlists.
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