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Seat / Shoulder Belts - Leisure Serenity Owner's Manual

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Vehicle Operation

Seat / Shoulder Belts

Every occupant must be seated in an approved seat with the belt fastened whenever the Motorhome is in motion.
Accident statistics prove the importance of using seatbelts. Vehicle occupants not seated in an approved seat and
restrained with a seatbelt are likely to suffer more injuries of a more serious nature than those properly restrained.
Lap / Shoulder Belts
The driver and passenger seats are equipped with a
combination lap and shoulder belt (1) for maximum
Lap Belts
The dinette is equipped with lap belts (2). Never allow
occupants to travel in a seat that is not equipped with a
lap or shoulder belt.
All seatbelts retractors are equipped with locks that engage when the belt extends too fast. Move the spade
end of the seatbelt slowly and steadily across your body when fastening to prevent the lock from engaging. If
the belt locks while extending, release the tension and allow it to retract fully. Then pull out again to fasten.
Pregnant women should wear their lap belts low on their torso and should straps diagonally across their chest. Do not
position the strap against the neck. Wearing a seat or shoulder/lap belt properly will protect both the mother and the
unborn child.
Child Restraints
Child restraint systems are legally required in many jurisdictions in North America. Statistics prove that children not
secured under a certified and appropriate child restraint system experience more severe and more frequent injuries
than those properly restrained. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and any equivalent Canadian, rules
requiring anchors and tethers for child restraint systems mandated in passenger vehicles and SUVs do not apply
to your Motorhome. Accordingly, your Motorhome does not employ, and is not equipped with, any anchor or tether
restraint system for use in connection with child restraint seats. In evaluating and providing the safest conditions for
your young passengers, you must take into account the following considerations:
You must familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of all states and provinces in which you will use the
Motorhome which govern transport of children and the use and/or anchoring of child restraint systems and seats in
the Motorhome.
Your Motorhome, in accordance with applicable law, is not manufactured with any anchor or tether system on any of
its forward facing seats.
Placing a child or child restraint system in a rear-facing or side- facing seat is not safe under any circumstances.
Serenity / Libero Motorhome



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