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Battery Installation; Remote Controller Mode Switch - Kenwood KNA-RCDV331 Instruction Manual

Remote control unit
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This unit cannot control the function that isn't included in the car audio.
• Put the Remote Controller in a place where it will not move during braking or other operations. A dangerous situation could
result, if the Remote Controller falls down and gets wedged under the pedals while driving.
• Do not place the battery near an open flame or heat source. This may cause the battery to explode.
• Do not recharge, short, break up or heat the battery or place it in an open fire. Such actions may cause the battery to leak
fluid. If spilled fluid comes in contact with your eyes or on clothing, immediately rinse with water and consult a physician.
• Place the battery out of reach of children. In the unlikely event that a child swallows the battery, immediately consult a
• Do not set the remote on hot places such as on the dashboard.
Use two "AAA"/"R03"-size batteries.
Slide the cover while pressing downwards to
remove it as illustrated.
Insert the batteries with the + and - poles
aligned properly, following the illustration inside
the case.
• If the Remote Controller operates only over shorter
distances or does not operate at all, it is possible that
the batteries are depleted. In such instances, replace the
both batteries with new ones.
The functions operated from the remote
controller differ depending on the position of the
mode switch.
Switch to this mode when
controlling a selected source or a
CD changer etc.
Switch to this mode when playing
DVDs or CDs etc. with the player
integrated in this unit.
This is switched when controlling
This is switched when controlling
Navigation unit.
• The position of the remote control mode switch is
indicated in the title of each mode, e.g., "(AUD mode)".
• When controlling a player that is not integrated in the
unit, select "AUD" mode.

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