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Inspection After Repair - Haier HSM18HEKC03/R2 Service Manual

Ek series wall mounted type air conditioner
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Installation of a leakage breaker is necessary in some cases depending on the conditions of the
installation site, to prevent electrical shocks.
Do not install the equipment in a place where there is a possibility of combustible gas leaks.
If a combustible gas leaks and remains around the unit, it can cause a fire.
Be sure to install the packing and seal on the installation frame properly. If the packing and seal are not
installed properly, water can enter the room and wet the furniture and floor.

1.1.3 Inspection after Repair

Check to make sure that the power cable plug is not dirty or loose, then insert the plug into a power outlet
all the way.
If the plug has dust or loose connection, it can cause an electrical shock or fire.
If the power cable and lead wires have scratches or deteriorated, be sure to replace them.
Damaged cable and wires can cause an electrical shock, excessive heat generation or fire.
Do not use a joined power cable or extension cable, or share the same power outlet with other electrical
appliances, since it can cause an electrical shock, excessive heat generation or fire.
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Domestic Air Conditioner


Table of Contents

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