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Protection Function - Haier HSM18HEKC03/R2 Service Manual

Ek series wall mounted type air conditioner
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and so on, are in effect. During defrosting period, the compressor which is stoped because of
protection or malfunction will reinstate after stoping for 3 minutes, and don't clear the cumulated run
time. When it is satisfied with the continuously running time, it will enter into the defrosting mode.
After entering into defrosting mode, make sure the compressor runs for at least for 2 minutes, and
then it can withdraw from defrosting.
If a single machine causes defrosting, the other machines all involve in defrosting.
D.The conditions of withdrawing from defrosting
The defrosting operation will change to heating operation, if any of the following conditions is satisfied:
The temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger is continuously over 7
The temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger is continuously over 12
Continuously run defrosting for 11 minutes 56 digits in EEPROM can be adjusted .
E When satisfying the conditions of withdrawing from defrosting, the machine works as the
The compressor stops, the outdoor fan is started, and the four-way valve is closed, after 60 seconds
the compressor runs according to the starting process.

5.2.6 Protection function TTC high temperature-preventing protection
Once the machine is started, it can run TTC overheating protection of air-blowing, but air-blowing
sensor malfunction must alarm after 4 minutes during which the compressor is started (during the
course of self-detection, there's no such limitation)
Sensor detection methods: 100 times (one cycle of procedure run is one time, and about 5ms,
detection method for each time: continuously sampling for 8 times, then order them and take the
mean value of the middle 2 values), take the mean value.
indoor, others don't last. TC high temperature-preventing control of the indoor heating unit
Tpg_indoor is the highest value of the effective indoor unit (start it and it is in accord with the running
lasts for 20 seconds. Overheating protection of air-blowing, alarm malfunction to the
Abnormal stop
Decreasing the frequency rapidly 1HZ/second
Decreasing the frequency slowly (1HZ/10seconds)
The frequency doesn't change.
Increasing the frequency (1HZ/10second)
Increasing the frequency 1HZ/1second
Function and control
for 80 seconds.
for 5 seconds.
Domestic Air Conditioner


Table of Contents

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