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Functions And Control; Main Functions And Control Specifications Of Indoor Unit - Haier HSM18HEKC03/R2 Service Manual

Ek series wall mounted type air conditioner
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Table of Contents
5.Funcitions and Control
5.1 Main functions and control specification of indoor unit
5.1.1 Automatic operation
When the running mode is turned to automation after starting the system, the system will first
determine the running mode according to the current room temperature and then will run according to
the determined mode. Tr in the following selection conditions means room temperature, Ts means
setting temperature, Tp means temperature of indoor coil pipe
Tr 23
After turning to the automation mode, the running mode can be switched between cooling mode, fan
mode and heating mode according to the change of the indoor ambient temperature. But the
automatic conversion between cooling mode and heating mode must be conducted after 15 minutes.
5.1.2 Cooling operation mode
Temperature control range: 16 ---30
Temperature difference: ±1
* Control features: When Tr input airflow >Ts set temperature
indoor fan will operate at the set speed and the mode signal will be sent to the outdoor system. When
Tr input airflow < Ts set temperature
at the set speed and the mode signal will be sent to the outdoor system. The system will keep the
original status if Tr= Ts.
Airflow speed control: (temperature difference 1 )
Automatic: When Tr>=Ts+3 , high speed.
When the airflow speed has no delay from the high to low switching, the speed should be delayed for
3 minutes (remain at high speed for 3 minutes.) before the next switch.
Manus: When the system is operating, you can set the high, medium or low speed manually. ( When
the sensor is on or off, the system will change the speed 2 seconds after receiving the signal.)
*Airgate location control: the location for the airgate can be set according to your needs.
*Defrosting function: preventing the frosting on the indoor heat exchanger (when cooling or
demoisture). When the compressor works continuously for 1/6 minutes (adaptable in EEPROM) and
the temperature of the indoor coils has been below zero centigrade for 10 seconds, the compressor
will be stopped and the malfunction will be recorded in the malfunction list. The indoor system will
continue to run. When the temperature of the indoor coil is raised to 7 , the compressor will be
restarted again (the prerequirement of 3 minutes' delay should be satisfied.)
* timing system on/off function.
* Dormant control function.
Choose Cooling Mode
Choose Heating Mode
When Ts+1 =<Tr<Ts+3 , medium speed
When Tr<Ts+1 , low speed
When the sensor is off, low speed
, the compressor will be opened,the
, the compressor will be opened,the indoor fan will operate
Function and control
Domestic Air Conditioner


Table of Contents

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