Care And Maintenance - Black & Decker 300 AMP JUMP-STARTER/INFLATOR Instruction Manual

300 amp jump-starter / inflator
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5 a .Connect N E G AT I V E (–) B L A C K clamp to vehicle battery 's negative terminal.
5 b .Connect P O S I T I V E (+) R E D clamp to vehicle chassis or a solid, non-moving, metal vehicle component
or body part. Never clamp directly to P O S I T I V E b a t t e ry terminal or moving part. Refer to the automobile
u s e r 's manual.
6 .When clamps are connected properly, turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch to ON.
7 .Turn ON the ignition and crank the engine in 5-6 second bursts until engine starts.
8 .Turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch back to the OFF position.
9 .Disconnect the negative (–) engine or chassis clamp first, then disconnect the positive (+) battery clamp.
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• If the connections to the battery 's P O S I T I V E and N E G AT I V E terminals are incorrect, the Reverse Polarity
Indicator will light (red) and the unit will sound a beep. Disconnect clamps and reconnect to battery with
correct polarity.
• If vehicle fails to start, turn OFF the ignition, turn OFF the Jump-Starter Power Switch, disconnect the jump-start
s y s t e m 's leads and contact a qualified technician to investigate why the engine did not start.
• Recharge this unit fully after each use.
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• Jump-Starter Power Swi t ch should be off prior to jump-starting.
• This power system is to be used ONLY on vehicles with 12 volt DC battery systems.
• Never touch red and black clamps together — this can cause dangerous sparks, power arcing, and/or
e x p l o s i o n .
• Vehicles that have on-board computerized systems may be damaged if vehicle battery is jump-started. Before
jump-starting this type of vehicle, read the vehicle manual to confirm that external-starting assistance is advised.
• Excessive engine cranking can damage the vehicle's starter motor. If the engine fails to start after the recommended
number of attempts, discontinue jump-start procedure and look for other problems that need to be corrected.
• After use, turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch OFF.
• Replace worn or defective parts immediately — contact the Customer Service Department toll free (800)
5 4 4 - 6 9 8 6 .
This portable power source is also for use with all 12 volt DC accessories equipped with a male accessory outlet
plug and are rated up to 5 amps.
1 .Lift up the cover of the unit 's 12 volt DC outlet.
2 .Insert the 12 volt DC plug from the appliance into the 12 volt accessory outlet on the unit. DO NOT EXCEED A
3 .Switch on the appliance and operate as usual.
4 .Periodically press the battery charge level pushbutton to check battery status.
The area light is controlled by the Area Light Power Switch on the front panel of the unit. Make sure the lamp is
turned OFF when the unit is being recharged or stored.
1 .Make sure the Jump-Starter Power Switch is turned to OFF.
2 .Remove jumper clamps from clamp tabs and connect to vehicle (refer to the "Jump-Starter" section for notes
about polarity).
3 .Start the engine.
4 .Turn all vehicle accessories OFF.
5 .Turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch to ON.
6 .O b s e rve the Alternator Check Indicator. A solid green LED indicates a good alternator. A solid red LED
indicates a bad alternator.
N o t e : This check may not be accurate for every make, manufacturer and model of vehicle. Check only 12 volt
s y s t e m s .
The built-in 12 volt DC inflator is the ultimate inflator for all vehicle tires and recreational inflatables. Three
different sized nozzles are supplied. Each nozzle will clip on the end of the standard tire valve connector located at
the free end of the inflator hose. The inflator nozzles are stored inside the hose hatch. The inflator hose with tire
fitting is stored in a retaining channel between the jumper cable channels on the rear of the unit. The ON/OFF
Switch is located on the back of the Main Unit. The inflator can operate long enough to fill up to 3 average sized
tires before the battery must be recharged.
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The inflator may be used by removing the air hose from the storage hatch and if required, fitting an appropriate
nozzle to the air hose. An O N / O F F switch located on the back of the unit controls the power to the inflator and the
gauge light. Refer to the "Controls and Indicators" section on page 5 for locations of inflator hose and nozzle
storage hatch. Return hose to the storage compartment after use.
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• The inflator is capable of inflating up to 120 pounds per square inch (psi) pressure. To avoid over- i n f l a t i o n ,
carefully follow instructions on articles to be inflated. Never exceed recommended pressures. Bursting articles
can cause serious injury.
• Always check pressure with the pressure gauge.
• Never leave the inflator unattended while in use.
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Do not operate inflator continuously for extended periods of time (approximately 10 minutes, depending on
ambient temperatures), as it may overheat. In such event, inflator will automatically shut down. Immediately turn
OFF the Inflator Power Switch. Restart after a cooling down period of approximately 10 minutes.
Inflating Tires or Products With Valve Stems
1 .Place connector (chuck) on valve stem.
2 .Ensure connector is pushed on to valve stem as far as possible before closing thumb latch.
3 .Make sure latch is secure.
4 .Turn ON the Inflator Power Switch.
5 .Check pressure with the pressure gauge.
6 .When desired pressure is reached, open thumb latch and remove connector from valve stem.
7 .Turn OFF Inflator Power Switch.
8 .Allow unit to cool before storing away.
9 .Store inflator hose and tire fitting in storage compartment.
1 0 .Recharge the unit before storing away.
Inflating Other Inflatables Without Valve Stems
Inflation of other items requires use of one of the adapters (nozzles).
1 .Select the appropriate nozzle, located on the inside back cover.
2 .Insert appropriate adapter (i.e. needle) into connector (chuck) and close thumb latch.
3 .Small items such as volleyballs, footballs, etc. inflate very rapidly.
4 .Insert adapter (i.e., needle) into item to inflate to appropriate pressure.
5 .Turn ON the Inflator Power Switch — inflate to desired pressure or fullness.
6 .Remove adapter.
7 .Switch the Inflator Power Switch OFF.
8 .Recharge the unit before storing away.


This product has a sealed lead acid battery that should be kept fully charged. Recharge before first use,
immediately after each use, and every 60 days if not used. Failure to do this may reduce the battery life
d r a m a t i c a l l y. Refer to the "Charging/Recharging" section of this Instruction Manual.
Battery Replacement/Disposal
It is recommended that the unit be returned to manufacturer for battery replacement. Contact Customer Serv i c e ,
toll-free, at 1-800-618-5178.
Battery Disposal
Contains a maintenance-free, sealed, non-spillable, lead acid battery, which must be
disposed of properly. Recycling is required — contact your local authority for information.
Failure to comply with local, state and federal regulations can result in fines or
imprisonment. For more information on recycling this battery, call toll-free 1-800-618-5178.
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Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an explosion.
Before disposing of the battery, protect exposed terminals with heavy-duty electrical tape to prevent shorting
(shorting can result in injury or fire).
Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat, as it may explode.

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