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Sony DVP-NS305 Service Manual Page 75

Cd/dvd player with remote rmt-d141a/d142a/d142o/d142p.
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3. Track/Layer Jump
Track/Layer Jump
1. 1Tj FWD
R. Fj (L1->L0)
2. 1Tj REV
L. Fj (L0->L1)
3. 2Tj FWD
U. Lj (L1->L0)
4. 2Tj REV
D. Lj (L0->L1)
5. NTj FWD
6. NTj REV
7. 500Tj FWD
8. 500Tj REV
9. 10k/20k FWD
0. 10k/20k REV
SA. SI. EMG.00
DVD DL 12cm
On this screen, track jump, etc. can be performed. Only for the
DVD-DL, the focus jump and layer jump are displayed in the right
[1] 1Tj FWD:
1-track jump forward.
[2] 1Tj REV:
1-track jump reverse.
[3] 2Tj FWD:
2-track jump forward.
[4] 2Tj REV:
2-track jump reverse.
[5] NTj FWD:
N-track jump forward.
[6] NTj REV:
N-track jump reverse.
[7] 500Tj FWD:
Fine search forward.
[8] 500Tj REV:
Fine search reverse.
[9] 10k/20k FWD: Direct search forward.
[0] 10k/20k REV: Direct search reverse.
– The following commands are valid for DVD-DL disc only –
(L1 t L0): Focus jump (Trk/Sled Servo OFF) forward.
(L0 t L1): Focus jump (Trk/Sled Servo OFF) reverse.
(L1 t L0): Layer jump (Trk/Sled Servo ON) forward.
(L0 t L1): Layer jump (Trk/Sled Servo ON) reverse.
4. Manual Adjustment
Manual Adjustment:Up/Down
1. TRK. Offset
2. Focus Gain
3. TRK. Gain
4. Focus Offset
5. Focus Balance
6. L.F. Offset
7. Analog FRSW
8. PLL Dac Gain
Adjustment: Up/Down
SA. ------ SI. -- EMG. 00
DVD SL 12cm
On this screen, each item can be adjusted manually. Select the
desired number [1] to [0] from the remote commander, and cur-
rent setting for the selected item will be displayed, then increase
or decrease numeric value with
stored in the EEPROM. If CLV has been applied, the jitter is dis-
played for reference for the adjustment.
[1] TRK. Offset:
Adjusts tracking offset.
[2] Focus Gain:
Adjusts focus gain.
[3] TRK. Gain:
Adjusts track gain.
[4] Focus Offset: Adjusts focus offset.
[5] Focus Balance: Adjusts focus balance.
[6] L.F. Offset:
Adjusts loop filter offset.
[7] Analog FRSW: Sets select switch of analog feedback circuit.
[8] PLL Dac Gain: Adjusts D/A converter gain of PLL.
Adjusts boost amount of equalizer.
[0] GD ADJ:
Adjusts group delay amount.
Jitter FF
key or
key. This value is


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