Setting The Focus Mode; Manual Touch-Up Focusing; Switching The Focusing Distance Range - Canon EF135mm F2L USM Instruction

Ef lens built-in ultrasonic motors
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2. Setting the Focus
To set the AF mode, set the
focus mode switch to AF. To
disable the autofocus mode and
focus manually, set the focus
mode switch to MF and turn the
focusing ring.
3. Manual touch-up
This lens enables manual
focusing even in the autofocus
mode. With the camera set to
the One-Shot AF mode, manual
focusing is possible after the
lens autofocuses (and stops)
while the shutter button is
pressed halfway.
4. Switching the
Focusing Distance
The focusing distance range
can be selected with the
focusing limiter switch.
EF 135 mm f/2L USM: 0.9 m -
infinity or 1.6 m - infinity
EF 200 mm f/2.8L II USM: 1.5 m -
infinity or 3.5 m - infinity
EF 300 mm f/4L USM: 2.5 m -
infinity or 6 m - infinity
EF 400 mm f/5.6L USM: 3.5 m -
infinity or 8.5 m - infinity

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