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There is no audio from the center
and/or surround speakers of a
home theater receiver connected
to the DCX set-top
There is no video on the TV screen Verify that the TV is powered on and set to the appropriate
No graphics or program guides
appear on the TV screen
No closed captions display
DCX700 High-Definition Digital Set-Top Box • User Guide
365-095-14284 x.1
Possible Solution
Not all programs feature full Dolby Digital [5.1] or Dolby
Digital Plus [7.1] full surround sound. In some cases, the
programs may only contain left and right stereo audio.
Verify that the S/PDIF (coaxial or optical) audio cable is
firmly connected to the DCX set-top and the home theater
Verify that the home theater receiver is set to a surround
sound audio mode (Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Verify that the receiver is properly configured to work with
all connected speakers.
input source for the DCX set-top.
Verify that the DCX set-top is powered on and tuned to an
authorized cable channel.
Verify that all video cables between the DCX set-top and
the TV are firmly connected.
Verify that the coaxial cable feed is firmly connected to the
DCX set-top and the wall jack.
If the DCX set-top video output is connected to a home
theater unit, verify that the home theater unit is powered
on and set to the appropriate input source.
If the DCX set-top video output is connected to a TV
through an HDMI connection, power off the TV and then
power off the DCX set-top. Wait one second and then
power on the devices.
Not all HDTVs can display every output format (1080p, 1080i,
720p, 480p, or 480i) available on the DCX set-top. To select a
different format:
1. Ensure that your DCX set-top is plugged into a power
outlet and is turned off.
2. Connect the DCX set-top to your television using a
Standard-Definition connector.
3. Turn on the DCX set-top with your remote control.
4. Press the Menu button on the remote control.
5. Press the ▲ and ▼ keys to display the HDMI/YPbPr
OUTPUT setting.
6. Press the ► key to cycle through the available output
formats until the HDTV connection you would like to use is
If you use the IEEE-1394 connection, on-screen graphics,
including closed captions and program guides, are not
displayed by the DCX set-top. On-screen graphics and
captions may still be overlaid by your TV, if enabled.
Alternatively, use HDMI or component video instead.
Verify on the User Settings menu that closed captions are
enabled on the DCX set-top.
Verify that closed captions are enabled on the TV.
Note: Closed captioning may not be available on the current
, Dolby Pro Logic II


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