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Rinse Hold - LG WDM-124405TDS Owner's Manual

Front-loading washing machines
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ow to use washer
Water Temp.
• By pressing the Temp.
button, the water
temperature can be
- Cold
- 30˚C / 40˚C / 60˚C / 95˚C
• Water temperature can be selected as
below according to the program.
- Baby Care
40˚C – 60˚C – 95°C
- Cotton
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C – 60˚C – 95˚C
- Synthetic
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C – 60˚C
- Delicate & Quick 30 & Hand Wash/Wool
& Duvet
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C
The required temperature lamp will light up for
For the more detailed information, please refer
to the page14.
• By pressing the Rinse
button, the Rinse type can
be selected.
1. Normal
• Cotton, Synthetic, Baby Care performs 3
• Hand Wash/Wool, Quick 30, Delicate,
Duvet performs 2 Rinses
2. Rinse + & Rinse ++
• Used to additional rinse, which may assist
in removing traces of detergent residue.
• By selecting Rinse + or Rinse ++ function,
the Rinse Time and the Rinse water are

3. Rinse Hold

• Is selected by pressing the Rinse button
repeatedly. This function leaves clothes in
the washer; suspended in the water after a
rinse without entering into spin.
• To proceed through to a drain or spin, once
the rinse hold function is completed using to
program dial scroll to the required program.
The required lamp will light up for


Table of Contents

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