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Scanner Problems; Modem Problems; Mouse Problems - Dell Dimension 4300S Manual

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Table of Contents
Check for interrupt request conflicts—

Scanner Problems

If you need technical assistance for your scanner, call the scanner's manufacturer. Dell does not cover the scanner's warranty.
Check the power cable connection—
the scanner is turned on.
Check the scanner cable connection—
Unlock the scanner—
Ensure that your scanner is unlocked if it has a locking tab or button.
Reinstall the scanner driver—
Reinstall the scanner driver. See the scanner documentation for instructions.
Check for interrupt request conflicts—

Modem Problems

Connect the modem to an analog telephone jack only. The modem does not operate while it is connected to a digital telephone network.
Check the connection—
Verify that the telephone line is connected to the green jack on the modem. (The green line-in jack has either a LINE
IN label or a connector-shaped icon next to it.) Make sure you hear a click when you insert the telephone line connector.
Check the telephone jack—
Disconnect the telephone line from the modem and connect it to a telephone. Listen for a dial tone.
Connect the modem directly to the telephone wall jack—
machine, fax machine, surge protector, or line splitter, then bypass them and connect the modem directly to the telephone wall jack with the
telephone line.
Check the telephone line—
Try using a different telephone line. If you are using a line that is 10 ft (3 m) or more in length, try a shorter one.
Verify that the modem is communicating with Windows
Windows XP
1.  Click the Start button.
2.  Click Control Panel.
3.  Click Network and Internet Connections.
4.  Click Internet Options.
5.  Click Network Diagnostics and perform the connectivity test.
Windows 2000
1.  Click the Start button, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
2.  In the Control Panel, double-click Phone and Modem Options.
If there are multiple entries for the same modem or modems listed that are not installed, delete the entries and restart the computer.
3.  Click the Modems tab.
4.  Click the COM port for your modem.
5.  Click the Properties button.
6.  Click the Diagnostics tab to verify that the modem is communicating with Windows.
If all commands receive responses, the modem is operating properly.
Be sure that you have subscribed to an Internet service provider—
Check for interrupt request conflicts—

Mouse Problems

If you connected the mouse before turning on the computer, reconnect the mouse cable
1.  Press <Ctrl><Esc> to display the Start menu.
2.  In Windows XP, type u, and then type u again. In Windows 2000, use the keyboard arrow keys to highlight Shut Down, and then
press <Enter>.
3.  After the computer turns off, reconnect the mouse cable as shown on the START HERE sheet for your computer.
4.  Start the computer.
If you connected the mouse after turning on the computer, remove the power cable, and then reconnect the mouse cable—
is connected after the power is turned on, the mouse will appear to be nonfunctional. To make the mouse function properly:
1.  While your computer is on, remove the power cable from the back of the computer.
2.  Connect the mouse to the computer.
3.  Reconnect the power cable.
4.  Turn on your computer.
Pressing the power button does not clear the computer's settings and does not restore mouse functionality.
"Resolving Software and Hardware
Ensure that the scanner power cable is firmly connected to a working electrical power source and that
Ensure that the scanner cable is firmly connected to the computer and to the scanner.
"Resolving Software and Hardware
If you have other telephone devices sharing the line, such as an answering
Contact an Internet service provider to subscribe.
"Resolving Software and Hardware
If the mouse


Table of Contents

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