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Honda GX120 Owner's Manual Page 6

Engine for rammer-type compactors.
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Recommended Fuel
Unleaded gasoline
U. S.
Pump octane rating 86 or higher
Except U. S.
Research octane rating 91 or higher
Pump octane rating 86 or higher
This engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline with a
pump octane rating of 86 or higher (a research octane rating of 91
or higher).
Refuel in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped. If the
engine has been running, allow it to cool first. Never refuel the
engine inside a building where gasoline fumes may reach flames
or sparks.
You may use unleaded gasoline containing no more than 10%
ethanol (E10) or 5% methanol by volume. In addition, methanol
must contain cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors. Use of fuels
with content of ethanol or methanol greater than shown above
may cause starting and/or performance problems. It may also
damage metal, rubber, and plastic parts of the fuel system. Engine
damage or performance problems that result from using a fuel
with percentages of ethanol or methanol greater than shown
above are not covered under the Warranty.
If your equipment will be used on an infrequent or intermittent
basis, please refer to the ''Fuel'' section of the ''STORING YOUR
ENGINE'' chapter (see page
regarding fuel deterioration.
Never use stale or contaminated gasoline or an oil/gasoline
mixture. Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank.
Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive, and you
can be burned or seriously injured when refueling.
Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame
Refuel only outdoors.
Wipe up spills immediately.
Fuel can damage paint and some types of plastic. Be careful not to
spill fuel when filling your fuel tank. Damage caused by spilled
fuel is not covered under the Distributor's Limited Warranty.
Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel.
Keep gasoline away from appliance pilot lights, barbecues,
electric appliances, power tools, etc.
Spilled fuel is not only a fire hazard, it causes environmental
damage. Wipe up spills immediately.
) for additional information
Oil is a major factor affecting performance and service life.
Use 4-stroke automotive detergent oil.
Recommended Oil
Use 4-stroke motor oil that meets or exceeds the requirements for
API service classification SJ or later (or equivalent). Always check
the API service label on the oil container to be sure it includes the
letters SJ or later (or equivalent).
SAE 10W-30 is recommended for general use. Other viscosities
shown in the chart may be used when the average temperature in
your area is within the indicated range.
Oil Level Check
Check the engine oil level with the engine stopped and in a level
Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick and wipe it clean.
Insert the oil filler cap/dipstick into the oil filler neck as shown,
but do not screw it in, then remove it to check the oil level.
If the oil level is near or below the lower limit mark on the
dipstick, fill with the recommended oil to the upper limit mark
(bottom edge of the oil fill hole). Do not overfill.
Reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick.
(bottom edge)
Running the engine with a low oil level can cause engine damage.
This type of damage is not covered by the Distributor's Limited



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