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Advanced Playback - Hitachi HBD316 Owner's Manual

Blu-ray disc and smart tv player built-in wi-fi
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The following functions are supported by some but not all Blu-ray Discs. Please refer to the Disc packaging for
more information on what features are supported by the Disc.
Press to zoom in on the image. Each time you press
this button, the magnification level changes.
Note: this function is not supported by Blu-ray Discs
using Java technology.
Press this button to switch between available subtitles.
The display will show "X/X XXX", and " Off ".
The first "X" indicates the current subtitle language.
The second "X" indicates total number of available
subtitle languages. "XXX" indicates the subtitle
language of country.
(The number of subtitle languages depends on disc).
When playing a disc you can press the SEARCH
and then the ENTER
keys for direct access to a
specific title, chapter, track, or time. Use the number
keys to enter the desired chapter or time.
In the menu mode the 0-9 keys are short cuts.
Press the SEARCH button again to cancel the search
NOTE: TITLE search is not supported on some discs.
This button clears information you may have entered
by mistake.
Press this button to change select from the available
camera angles. The on-screen display will indicate
" Angle: X/X " where the first "X" indicates the current
angle and the second "X" indicates total number of
NOTE: the Multi-Angle function is only available on
special discs that are encoded with multiple angles.
A-B Repeat
Press the "A-B" button to select the starting point for
the section you wish to repeat. After a minimum of two
seconds press the "A-B" button again to set the ending
point of the section you are repeating. The selected
will be repeated. Press the "A-B" button again to cancel
this function. Note: A-B repeat is not supported on
Blu-ray Discs with Java technology.


Press the REPEAT button one or more times to select
a repeat mode.
Repeat Chapter
Repeat Title
Repeat All
Repeat Off
1. The REPEAT feature is not available when playing
a Blu-ray Disc with JAVA technology.
2. Some Blu-ray Discs do not support "Repeat All".
Press the AUDIO button to change the audio mode.
EXAMPLE: "1/2 English Dolby Digital stereo" .
"1" indicates the current audio selection;
"2" indicates total available audio selections
"English" indicates the language of country.
"Dolby Digital" indicates the AUDIO format.
"Stereo" indicates that a 2-channel format is playing..
Press this button and the screen will display the
HOME menu.
Note: The HOME menu is displayed when a disc stops
playing or if there is no disc in the player.
Press this button to access the NETFLIX application
when connected to the Internet.
Press this button to access the VUDU application
when connected to the Internet.
Select the PANDORA icon from the HOME Menu to
access the PANDORA application when connected
to the Internet.
Select the YOUTUBE icon from the HOME Menu to
access the YOUTUBE application when connected
to the Internet.
Press the DISC MENU button during DVD or Blu-ray
Disc playback to access the menu for the disc that is
currently playing.



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