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Basic Playback - Hitachi HBD316 Owner's Manual

Blu-ray disc and smart tv player built-in wi-fi
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Basic playback

1. Press the POWER button on the remote control or
on the BD Player front panel to turn on the player.
2. Turn on the TV and then select the TV input that
matches to the where the player is connected.
4. Place a disc on the disc tray with the label facing
up, then press OPEN/CLOSE
tray. It will take a few seconds for the disc to load.
5. If the disc does not start playing automatically
press PLAY .
6. If a Blu-ray Disc or DVD menu opens, use the
CURSOR buttons to select PLAY, then press ENTER.
7. To eject the disc, press OPEN/CLOSE
Fast Forward and Fast Reverse
1. Press F.FWD
to fast forward through the disc.
Each time the F.FWD
fast forward motion speed changes. The speed will
increase through the following sequence:
2. Press PLAY
to resume normal playback.
3. Press F.REV
to fast reverse through the disc.
Each time the F.REV
fast reverse motion speed changes. The speed will
increase through the following sequence:
4. Press PLAY
to resume normal playback.
Previous and Next
During normal playback, press PREV
to the start of the current chapter/track. Press PREV
twice(quickly) to jump to the previous chapter/track.
Press NEXT
during playing to jump forward to next
chapter/track for playback.
0-9 Keys for Direct Access
When playing a disc you can press the SEARCH
and then the ENTER
keys for direct access to a
specific title, chapter, track, or time. Use the number
keys to enter the desired chapter or time.
In the menu mode the 0-9 keys are short cuts.
to open the disc tray.
to close the disc
button is pressed, the
button is pressed, the
once to return
Stop Playback
1. Press the STOP
The BD player can recall the location where the disc
was stopped and return to play at the remembered
2. Press the PLAY
button to resume playing the disc
from the previous position.
3. Press STOP twice to clear the recall memory.
Note: Not all Blu-ray Discs support the resume feature.
The resume information is saved even when the power
is turned off.
Pause Playback
1. Press the PAUSE
picture and sound will be paused.
2. Press PAUSE
Step Forward
1. When playing a Disc press the Step forward key
to enter Single-step playback.
2. Press PLAY
key to resume normal play.
Use the CURSOR keys to navigate menus. When an
on-screen item is highlighted press ENTER to select.
When viewing a picture(JPEG file), use the CURSOR
keys to rotate the picture.
The " " symbol will appear on-screen when an
operation or feature is not supported by the Disc or
BD player. Please see the disc packaging to confirm
the features included in the Disc.
button to stop playback of a Disc.
button to pause playback. The
button to resume playback.



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