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Setup - Toshiba SD-M1401 User Manual

Dvd-rom scsi drive
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The following steps must be performed to properly install your drive:
Set DVD-ROM Drive Jumper Settings:
SCSI ID, Parity, Termination, 512/2K, Power
Connect Audio Cable
Attach SCSI Interface Cable
Attach Power Cable
Daisy-Chaining SCSI Drives (if applicable)
Mount Drive
Jumper Settings
Figure 1. Jumper Location
SCSI ID - All SCSI devices attached to your
computer are assigned a SCSI-ID number from 0 to
7. Your DVD-ROMs SCSI ID must be set so that its
ID number does not conflict with any other devices
SCSI-ID in your system. In most cases, your DVD-
ROM will be set to SCSI ID 4 at the factory. Also
note that your SCSI interface card in most cases
has a SCSI ID of 7. This following chart (figure 3)
shows the jumper settings for the eight possible ID
Parity - In the OFF mode, the parity bit check function on the SCSI data bus is activated which
enhances data bus reliability. Therefore, the jumper should remain in the OFF mode.
A block of mode select jumpers are located on the
rear of the DVD-ROM. If a jumper covers both pins
on the jumper block, it is ON; if there is no jumper
or only one of the pins is covered, the jumper is
OFF. The jumper settings include SCSI ID, Parity,
Termination, Block Selectability, Test and Power
Figure 2. Jumper Block
Figure 3. SCSI ID Examples



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