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Hitachi EC 189 Safety Instructions: Maintenance

Hitachi air compressor instruction manual & safety instructions.
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Increase: Clockwise
Outlet pressure
Tank pressure
The outlet pressure gauge indicates the air pressure
available at the outlet side of the pressure regulator.
This pressure is controlled by the pressure regulator
and is always less or equal to the air tank pressure.
The air tank pressure gauge indicates the reserve air
pressure in the air tanks.
When adjusting the pressure, check and make sure
that a pressure gauge for the tank has the pressure
level that is higher than that of the pressure to be
It is also imperative that you make adjustment by
slowly starting up the pressure from the level that is
lower than the pressure to be adjusted.
WARNING: Check the manufacturer's maximum
pressure rating for nailers, staplers and
accessories. Compressor outlet pressure
must be regulated so as to never exceed
the maximum pressure rating of the
nailers, staplers and accessories.
4. Shutdown
(1) To stop the air compressor, move the Motor/
Pressure switch to the "OFF" position. Never stop
the air compressor by unplugging it from the
power source. This could result in risk of
(2) To drain the air tank open the drain valve slowly
and tilt compressor to empty accumulated water.
WARNING: When the air tank gets corroded, there is
a risk of breakdown. Accordingly, be sure
to discharge the drain inside the air tank
after each use.
The drain contains moisture in the air,
abrasion particles, rust, etc. To discharge
the drain, therefore, gradually open the
drain valve, and be careful not to point it
at your face or eye.
Counter clockwise
Knob of the
Joint (Air outlet)
Fig. 6
(3) Allow the air compressor to cool down.
(4) Wipe the air compressor clean and store in a safe,
non-freezing area.
5. About the thermal protector
The thermal protector operates to stop the motor
when a problem such as a motor overload, etc.,
occurs. If the motor should stop during operation,
proceed as follows.
(1) Make sure the Motor/Pressure switch is in the
"OFF" position and disconnect the plug from the
receptacle. (Fig. 3)
(2) If the extension cord does not conform to the
specifications given on page 9 and 10 replace with
an extension cord such as that shown on page 9
and 10. If the capacity of the power supply is
insufficient, increase the power supply capacity to
remove the cause of a flow of excessive current
(3) Wait approximately 5 minutes, then press the
reset switch of the thermal protector (Fig. 8).
(4) Start up. If the motor still stops during operation,
please contact the service center.
Switch of thermal


WARNING: Never assume the air compressor is safe
to work on just because it is not
operating. It could restart at any time!
— 12 —
Air tank
Drain valve
Fig. 7
Fig. 8


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