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Hitachi EC 189 Safety Instructions: Transport; Operation

Hitachi air compressor instruction manual & safety instructions.
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pressure should escape. When the ring is
released, it will reset.
Fig. 4
(5) Make sure all guards and covers are in place and
securely mounted.


Make sure the Motor/Pressure switch is in the "OFF"
position and disconnect it from the power source before
move the compressor. Transport the compressor in the
correct manner.


1. Start up
(1) Read safety warnings before performing
(2) Ensure the Motor/Pressure switch is in the "OFF"
(3) Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet.
(4) Move the Motor/Pressure switch to the "AUTO"
Dual control: Locate the adjustment knob at the top of the
pilot valve. (Fig. 5)
Fig. 5
(a) This feature allows the compressor to operate in
either the constant run or the stop/start mode of
operation. The pilot valve is used to control the
compressor when operating in the constant run
mode. The Motor/Pressure switch is used to
control the compressor when operating in the
stop/start mode. The mode of operation is
Safety relief valve
Pilot valve
— 11 —
determined by the amount of time the compressor
will be required to supply air. If the demand for air
is infrequent, then the unit should be set up for
stop/start operation to minimize unnecessary run
time and to save energy. If there is a frequent or
extended demand for air, and/or the unit is located
in a remote area where access to the compressor
is difficult, the unit should be set up for constant
run to minimize the number of times the motor
must start in an hour to ensure good motor life.
(b) If you are using the compressor when the outside
air temperature (ambient temperature) is below
25°F (–4°C), use Constant Run Mode.
Never use Stop Start Mode.
(c) Stop/Start Mode
Turn it completely clockwise to the fully closed
position. This will allow the air compressor to start
building up pressure in the air tanks and stop
when correct pressure is achieved. When pressure
drops with usage, the air compressor will start
building up pressure again.
WARNING: Over tightening of this knob can cause
damage to the pilot valve.
Constant Run Mode
Turn it completely counterclockwise to the fully
open position. The air compressor is now set up
to "CONSTANTLY" build up pressure. When
pressure reaches the preset level in the air tank,
pressure will bleed through the pilot valve.
WARNING: Over loosening of this knob can cause
damage to the pilot valve.
NOTE: Unit must remain running while performing the
following adjustments.
The motor of the compressor is fitted with a
thermal protection with manual reset (push-
button), which stops the compressor when the
temperature is too high. Should this be tripped,
the compressor will restart only if reset is done.
If you notice any unusual noise or vibration, stop
the air compressor and refer to
WARNING: Do not stop or start the compressor by
use of the plug. Always use "AUTO/OFF"
knob located on the Motor/Pressure
WARNING: If you notice any unusual noise or
vibration, stop this compressor.
3. Adjustment of working pressure
The air pressure coming from the air tank is controlled
by the regulator knob (Fig. 6). Turn the pressure
regulation knob clockwise to increase discharge
pressure, and counterclockwise to decrease discharge


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