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Water Filtration System - KitchenAid P6GEG2KL Use & Care Manual

Ice maker
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5. Push up on the top rear of the ice maker and locate the
leveling legs that are on the bottom rear of the ice maker.
6. Follow the instructions in Step 4 to change the height of the
7. Use the level to recheck the ice maker to see that it is even
from front to back and side to side. If the ice maker is not
level, repeat steps 2 to 5. If the ice maker is level, go to the
"Connect Water Supply" section.

Water Filtration System

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or
of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before
or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction
may be used on disinfected waters that may contain
filterable cysts.
Install the Water Filter
1. Locate the accessory packet in the ice maker and remove the
water filter.
2. Take the water filter out of its packaging and remove the
cover from the O-rings. Be sure the O-rings are still in place
after the cover is removed.
A. Cover
B. O-rings
3. The water filter compartment is located in the right-hand side
of the ice maker control panel. Push in on the door to release
the latch, and then lower the door.
C. Alignment pin
D. Alignment arrow
A. Door
4. Using the arrow pointing to the alignment pin on the side of
the filter and the arrow inside the control housing, align the
alignment pin with the cutout notch and insert the filter into
the housing.
A. Alignment pin
B. Unlocked symbol
C. Locked symbol
5. Turn the filter clockwise until it locks into the housing. Ensure
that the alignment arrow on the filter head aligns with the
locked symbol on the control box housing.
NOTE: If the filter is not correctly locked into the housing, the
ice maker will not produce ice.
A. Alignment arrow aligned with locked symbol
6. Push the control box door closed until the latch snaps closed.
The Water Filter Status Light
The water filter status lights will help you know when to change
your water filter.
The "Order Filter" status light will be illuminated when it is
time to order a replacement filter.
The "Replace Filter" status light will be illuminated when it is
time to replace the filter.
Replacing the disposable water filter with a new filter will
automatically reset the filter status tracking feature. See
"Using the Controls."
"Replace Filter" will remain illuminated if a filter is not
The "Filter" status light will flash if the filter is not correctly
installed or there is an obstruction in the water line.
D. Cutout notch inside control housing
E. Arrow pointing to cutout notch
F. Arrow pointing to alignment pin

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