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Care And Cleaning - Oster food steamer User Manual

Food steamer
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3 Place vegetable, seafood or other
foods without sauce or liquid into
the steaming bowl. Arrange food in
center of bowl. Try not to block
steam vents.
Note: Place the largest piece of
food with longest cooking time in
the lower steaming bowl.
For Single Tier Steamer
4 Place lower bowl on base. (Fig. 2).
For Double Tier Steamer
5 Place lower bowl on base, place
separator ring on top of lower bowl,
then place upper bowl on top.
(Fig 3).
Note: When handling and removing hot
components, use POTHOLDERS to avoid
burns from hot steam.
Timer Setting
(Maximum 60 Minutes)
Set the timer to the recommended
cooking time (experiment with
adjusting steam times to achieve your
desired results). The light turns on
and steam will begin to generate.
The light will turn off when cooking
is completed and the timer will give
a signal bell.
Note: Cooking times are estimates and depend on the quantity,
size, required degree of cooking and temperature of food. Consider
the cooking times given in the guide as suggested times for double
tier steamer.
Fig 2
Fig 3
care & cleaning
1 Unplug cord from outlet and allow Steamer to
cool before cleaning.
2 Never immerse the Base, Cord or Plug in water.
3 Empty the Water Reservoir.
4 Wash Lid and Steaming Bowls in hot, soapy water.
Rinse and dry all parts, or wash on top rack of dishwasher.
5 Clean Reservoir with soapy water then wipe with damp cloth.
6 Do not use abrasive cleaners.
7 In hard water areas, the scale may build up on the heating
element. If scale is allowed to accumulate, the steam could
turn off before the food is cooked. After 7-10 uses, pour clear
vinegar into the Water Reservoir to the "MIN" level, then fill
with water up to the "MAX" level. Do not place Lid and
Steaming Bowls on base during this procedure.
8 Plug in and set timer to 20 minutes. When the timer is
complete, unplug cord from outlet. Allow the unit to cool
completely before emptying the water reservoir. Use cold
water to rinse the water reservoir several times.



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