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Kenmore Gas Wall Oven Installation Instruction Page 5

Gas wall oven.
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6. Provide
an Adequate
Gas Supply
Read these instructions carefully before
connecting this unit to a gas supply.
The units covered in these instructions are designed to
operate on natural gas at 4" of manifold pressure or on
LP gas at 10" of manifold pressure.
A convertible pressure regulator is connected in series
with the manifold of the wall oven unit and must remain
in series with the supply line, regardless of which type of
gas is being used.
For proper operation,
the maximum inlet pressure to
the regulator must not exceed 14" of water column
(W.C.) pressure.
To check the regulator, the inlet pressure must be at
least 1 " (or 3.4 kPa) greater than the regulator _ressure
setting. If the regulator is set for 4", the inlet pressure
must be at least 5". If the regulator is set for 10", the
inlet pressure must be at least 11 ".
A manual shut-off valve must be installed on the gas
supply line external to the unit and where it can be
easily reached for the purpose of turning the gas to the
unit on and off.
The gas supply line to the unit should be 1/2" (1.3 cm) or
3A" (1.9 cm) pipe.
To avoid pilot outage (if applicable) close all openings in
the cabinet cavity that encloses this unit. All openings
around gas service outlets must be closed at the time of
7. Connection
to gas (seefigure 7)
Pressure Regulator
Solid Pipe Or Flex
__-_-- -,
External Shut-Off Valve -_,-_
Figure 7
Remove all packing material and literature from wall
oven before connecting gas and electrical supply to the
If applicable, remove broiler or storage drawer by pulling
drawer out to stops. Lift drawer front to clear stops and
pull out.
Check for leaks. After connecting gas, check system
for leaks with a manometer. If a manometer is not
available shut all pilots off (if present), turn on the gas
supply to the unit and use a liquid leak detector at all
joints and connections.
all connections
if necessary to prevent gas
leakage in the wall oven or supply line.
A pipe joint sealant resistant to the action
of LP Gas must be used on all pipe connections.
Do not use a flame to check for leaks
from gas connections. Checking for leaks with a flame
may result in a fire or explosion.
the oven and its individual
valve from the gas supply piping system during any
pressure test greater than 1/2psig.
Isolate the wall oven from the gas supply
system by closing its individual manual shutoff valve
during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping
system at test pressures equal to or less than 1/2psig.
8. LP/Propane
Gas Conversion
A. Pressure
Note: Do not remove the Pressure Regulator.
the Pressure Regulator
for use with
LP Gas
(see figure
If applicable, remove broiler or storage drawer by
pulling drawer out to stops. Lift drawer front to clear
stops and pull out.
Locate pressure regulator on lower back wall and
convert as shown in figure 8.
A. Remove the cap from the pressure regulator.
B. Remove the plunger.
C.Turn the plunger upside down with the enlarged
end TOWARDS regulator.
D. Replace the plunger inside the regulator. The
letters LP or 10" W.C. should be visible on the
exposed end of the plunger.
E. Replace the cap on the pressure regulator.
NOTE: The type of gas pressure the regulator is set
for is indicated on the top of the plunger.
If flexible
gas connector
is used, gas line must be
A.G.A. design certified.


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