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Alternate Parts; Drain System - Kenmore 24-Inch Wide LAUNDRY CENTER Use And Care Manual

24-inch wide laundry center washer- electric dryer
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Alevel floorwithamaximum s lope of1 in.(2.5 cm) u nder
entire laundry center. Clothes may not tumble properly and
automatic sensor cycles may not operate correctly if dryer is
not level. Installing on carpet is not recommended.
A water heater set to deliver 120°F (49°C) water to the
Hot and cold water faucets located within 4 f1 (1.2 m) of the
hot and cold water fill valves, and water pressure of 5-100 psi
(34.5-689.6 kPa).
Install the laundry center where it is protected from water and/or
Do not operate your washer in temperatures
at or below 32°F
(O°C). Some water can remain in the washer and can cause
damage in low temperatures.
See "Vacation, Storage, and
Moving Care" for winterizing information.
Do not operate your dryer at temperatures
below 45°F (7°C). At
lower temperatures,
the dryer might not shut off at the end of an
automatic cycle. This can result in longer drying times.
Check code requirements.
Some codes limit, or do not permit,
installation of the laundry center in garages, closets, mobile
homes, or sleeping quarters. Contact your local building
Installation Clearances
The location must be large enough to fully open the dryer door.
Laundry Center Dimensions
Rear clearance may be 0 in. when house exhaust system is
lined up directly with dryer exhaust.
_ i' I_,'_
Io=I) (Im,_) loc_
_4 =,,)
1, Recessed Area
2. Side view - closet or confined area
3. Closet door with vents
Mobile Home-Additional
This laundry center is suitable for mobile home installations.
The installation must conform to the Manufactured
and Safety Standard, Title 24 CFR, Part 3280
(formerly the Federal Standard for Mobile Home Construction
and Safety, Title 24, HUD Part 280).
Mobile home installations
Metal exhaust system hardware which is available for
purchase from your local Sears store or Sears Service Center.
Special provisions must be made in mobile homes to
introduce outside air into the dryer. The opening (such as a
nearby window) should be at least twice as large as the dryer
exhaust opening.
*Most installations require a minimum 51_ in. (14 cm) clearance
behind the dryer for the exhaust vent with elbow. See "Venting
The laundry center can be installed using the standpipe drain
system (floor or wall), the laundry tub drain system, or the floor
drain system. Select the drain hose installation method you need
(see "Alternate Parts").
drain system - wall or floor (view I & 2)
The standpipe drain requires a minimum diameter standpipe of 2
in. (5 cm). The minimum carry-away capacity can be no less than
17 gal. (64 L) per minute. A 2 in. (5 cm) diameter to 1 in. (2.5 cm)
diameter standpipe adapter kit is available. See "Alternate Parts."
The top of the standpipe must be at least 39 in. (99 cm) high and
no higher than 96 in. (2.4 m) from the bottom of the washer.
Minimum installation
spacing for recessed area or closet
The following dimensions shown are for the minimum spacings
Additional spacing should be considered for ease of
installation and servicing.
Additional clearances might be required for wall, door and
floor moldings.
Additional spacing of 1 in. (2.5 cm) on all sides of the dryer is
to reduce noise transfer.
For closet installation, with a door, minimum ventilation
openings in the top and bottom of the door are required.
Louvered doors with equivalent ventilation openings are
Laundry tub drain system (view 3)
The laundry tub needs a minimum 26 gal. (76 L) capacity. The top
of the laundry tub must be at least 34 in. (86.4 cm) above the floor
and no higher than 96 in. (2.4 m) from the bottom of the washer.


Table of Contents

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