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Control Lock; Oven Temperature Control - Whirlpool RS160LXT Manual

Slide-in electric range.
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To Cancel the Clock Display:
If you do not want the time of day to display:
Press and hold CANCEL and CLOCK for 3
seconds. the time of day will disappear from
the display.


The Control Lock shuts down the control panel
pads (buttons) to prevent unintended use of
the oven(s).
The Control Lock is preset unlocked, but can
be locked.
If the oven is currently in use, the controls can-
not be locked.
To Lock/Unlock Control:
Press and hold CANCEL and COOK & HOLD
for 3 seconds (Press the CANCEL pad first.)
Repeat to unlock.


IMPORTANT: Do not use a thermometer to
measure oven temperature because opening
the oven door and element or burner cycling
may give incorrect readings.
The oven provides accurate temperatures;
however, it may cook faster or slower than your
previous oven, so the temperature calibration
can be adjusted. It can be changed in Fahren-
heit or Celsius.
A minus sign means the oven will be cooler
by the displayed amount. The absence of a
minus sign means the oven will be warmer by
the displayed amount. Use the following chart
as a guide.
5° to 10°F (3° to 6°C)
15° to 20°F (9° to 12°C)
25° to 35°F (15° to 21°C)
-5° to -10°F (-3° to -6°C)
-15° to -20°F (-9° to -12°C)
-25°F (-15°C)
...a little more
...moderately more
...much more
...a little less
...moderately less
...much less
To Adjust Oven Temperature Calibration:
1. Press BAKE.
2. Enter 550° by pressing the "up" arrow
3. Press and hold BAKE pad for several sec-
onds or until "0°" appears in the display.
If the oven temperature was previously
adjusted, the change will be displayed. For
example, if the oven temperature was re-
duced by 15 degrees the display will show
4. Press the "up" or "down" arrow pads to
adjust the temperature. Each time a pad
is pressed, the temperature changes by 5
5. The time of day will automatically reappear
in the display.
You do not need to readjust the oven tem-
perature if there is a power failure or inter-
ruption. Broiling, Keep Warm and Cleaning
temperatures cannot be adjusted.
To Display Temperatures in °C instead of
1. Press and hold the CANCEL and BAKE but-
tons for 3 seconds. A single beep will sound
and the current setting will be displayed.
If no change is made, the range will return
to the existing setting after 30 seconds.
2. Press the "up" or "down" arrow pad to change
the setting. Wait 5 seconds and the setting
will be complete.


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