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Healthrider AIRE STRIDER E60 HRCCEL59930 User Manual Page 14

Healthrider user's manual home gy,.
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Press any button on the console or begin
pedaling to turn on the console.
See step 1 on page 12.
Select one of the six resistance and pace
When the power is
turned on, the
manual mode will
be selected. To
select a resistance
and pace program,
press the Program
button repeatedly until "P 1," "P 2," "P 3," "P 4,"
"P 5," or "P 6" appears in the right display.
When a resistance and pace program is selected,
the matrix will show the first ten resistance set-
tings of the program. The left display will show
how long the program will last.
Press the Start button or begin pedaling to
start the program.
Each program is divided into several time seg-
ments of different lengths. One resistance setting
and one pace setting are programmed for each
segment. Note: The same resistance setting
and/or pace setting may be programmed for two or
more consecutive segments.
The resistance
setting for the first
segment will be
shown in the flash-
ing Current
Segment column
of the matrix. (The
pace settings are
not shown in the matrix.) The resistance settings
for the next several segments will be shown in the
columns to the right.
When only three seconds remain in the first seg-
ment of the program, both the Current Segment
column and the column to the right will flash, a
Current Segment
series of tones will sound, and all resistance set-
tings will move one column to the left. The resis-
tance setting for the second segment will then be
shown in the flashing Current Segment column
and the resistance of the elliptical exerciser will
automatically change to the resistance setting for
the second segment. Note: If all of the indicators
in the Current Segment column are lit after the
resistance settings have moved to the left, the
resistance settings will move downward so that
only the highest indicators appear in the matrix.
As you exercise,
the Training Zone
bar will help you to
keep your pedaling
pace near the pace
setting for the cur-
rent segment. The
lit indicators in the
bar will show your
actual pace. If an
indicator to the
right of the lit indi-
cators is flashing
(see drawing a),
increase your pace. If an indicator to the left of
any lit indicator is flashing (see drawing b),
decrease your pace. When no indicator is flash-
ing, your pace matches the pace setting for the
current segment. Important: The pace settings
are intended only to provide motivation. Your
actual pace may be slower than the current
pace setting. Make sure to exercise at a pace
that is comfortable for you.
The program will continue until the resistance set-
ting for the last segment is shown in the Current
Segment column of the matrix and no time
remains in the program.
Note: During the program, you can override the
resistance setting, if desired, by pressing the
Quick Resistance buttons. However, when the
next segment begins, the resistance will automati-
cally change if a different resistance setting is pro-
grammed for the next segment. If you stop pedal-
ing for several seconds, a tone will sound and the
program will pause. To restart the program, simply
resume pedaling.


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