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Healthrider AIRE STRIDER E60 HRCCEL59930 User Manual Page 13

Healthrider user's manual home gy,.
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Note: The console
can show the total
number of hours
that the elliptical
exerciser has been
used and the total
number of revolu-
tions pedaled. To view this information, hold down
the Program button for about three seconds. The
left display will show the total number of hours that
the elliptical exerciser has been used. Press the
Start button. The left display will then show the
total number of revolutions pedaled, divided by
100 (for example, the number 96 in the display
equals to 9,600 revolutions). When you are fin-
ished viewing this information, press the Program
button again.
Measure your heart rate if desired.
Note: If you hold the handgrip pulse sensor
and wear the optional chest pulse sensor at
the same time, the console will not display
your heart rate accurately.
If there are
thin sheets of
plastic on the
metal con-
tacts on the
pulse sensor,
peel off the
plastic. To
measure your
heart rate, hold
the contacts;
your palms must be resting on the upper con-
tacts, and your fingers must be touching the lower
contacts. Avoid moving your hands.
When your pulse is
detected, the Heart
Rate indicator
above the right dis-
play will begin to
flash, one or two
dashes (– –) will
appear in the right display, and then your heart rate
will be shown. For the most accurate heart rate
reading, hold the contacts for at least 15 seconds.
Note: If you continue to hold the pulse sensor, the
right display will show your heart rate for up to 30
seconds. The display will then show your heart
rate along with the other modes.
If your heart rate is not shown, make sure that
your hands are positioned as described. Be care-
ful not to move your hands excessively or to
squeeze the metal contacts too tightly. For opti-
mal performance, clean the metal contacts using
a soft cloth; never use alcohol, abrasives, or
Turn on the fan if desired.
To turn on the fan at low speed, press the Fan
button. Pivot the fan to the desired angle. To turn
on the fan at high speed, press the Fan button a
second time. To turn off the fan, press the Fan
button a third time.
When you are finished exercising, the console
will automatically turn off.
If the pedals are not moved for several seconds, a
tone will sound, the console will pause, and the
time will begin to flash in the left display. If the
pedals are not moved for about five minutes, the
console will turn off and the displays will be reset.


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