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Basic Use - Nokia DT-33 Manual

Battery charging stand
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© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
With the Nokia Battery Charging
Stand DT-33, you can charge a spare
battery for your Nokia mobile device.
The stand contains the following parts
shown on the title page: rotatable
cover (1), 2.0 mm charger connector

Basic use

Compatible chargers
This device is intended for use when
supplied with power from the
following Nokia original chargers:
AC-3, AC-4, AC-5, AC-8, and AC-15.
The exact charger model number may
vary depending on the type of plug.
Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and the
Nokia Original Accessories logo are
trademarks or registered trademarks of
Nokia Corporation.
(2), charging slot 1 (3), indicator light
(4), and charging slot 2 (5).
The surface of this device is nickel-
Use only Nokia original batteries and
The plug variant is identified by one of
the following: E, X, AR, U, A, C, K, or B.
Select the correct slot for your
The stand has two charging slots
(numbered 1 and 2) for different



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