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Cooktop Controls - Touch-Activated Controls; Cooktop Controls - KitchenAid KECC607 Use & Care Manual

Electric cooktop
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Fire Hazard
Turn off all controls when done cooking.
Failure to do so can result in death or fire.
The electronic touch controls offer a variety of heat settings for
optimal cooking results. When you are melting foods such as
chocolate or butter, or when proofing bread, the surface cooking
area can be set to Power Level 1 for minimal element operation.
For maximum element operation, all cooktop touch controls can
be set to High when bringing liquids to a fast and rapid boil.
Touch Power Level 9 to immediately reach the highest setting.
IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging the cooktop, do not place any
object over the controls. If something is placed over the controls,
a gentle "beep" will sound as a reminder to promptly remove it.
After 20 seconds, an "F1E0" error code will display. This is the
control board locking itself to avoid damage from an object
placed upon it. To use the cooktop again, disconnect from power
or reset the circuit breaker. See "Cooktop is displaying F1E0
code" in the "Troubleshooting" section.
Be sure to lock the cooktop using the Control Lock option (see
the "Control Lock" section) when cleaning around the controls. If
the cooktop is not locked, and an "F1E0" error code appears,
reset the circuit breaker.
To Use:
To Turn On the Cooktop:
1. Press POWER
The indicator light above the Power keypad and a dash ("-")
in each surface cooking area will light to indicate that each
surface cooking area is ready to be activated. Inactivity for
1 minute after the main power has been turned on will
automatically turn off the power to the cooktop.
To Turn On a Surface Cooking Area:
1. Touch the display area (A) for the surface cooking area you
want to use.
A. Power level display/active surface area selector
B. Zone size indicator (flexible dual/triple zones only)
C. Automatic cooking function (simmer, melt, keep
warm) indicator
D. W: Keep warm
E. M: Melt
F. S: Simmer

Cooktop Controls

The current power level and indicator light will flash for
10 seconds then remain on.
Touching any other feature or the power slider stops the
flashing, and information for the keypad that was touched will
be displayed.
When a surface cooking area is left at the "0" power level for
25 seconds, the surface cooking area will automatically turn
off and display only the middle dash without the indicator
When a surface setting is left at the "0" power level for
1 minute and 25 seconds, and there are no other surface
cooking areas turned On, the cooktop will turn Off.
2. Select a heat setting from 1-9 by touching/sliding on the
power slider. The heat setting will appear in the surface
cooking area display.
A. Power level slide touch control
If a cooking function or the power slider is touched without
first selecting a surface cooking area, all dashes (one for each
zone) will flash and an invalid tone will sound 4 times.
Use the following chart as a guide when setting heat levels.
Medium High
Between 7-8
Medium Low
Between 3-5
Between 1-2
Dual/Triple Elements
Simmer (S)
Melt (M)
Keep Warm (W)
NOTE: Elements will not glow red on all settings.
REMEMBER: When cooktop is in use, the entire cooktop
area may become hot.
Start food cooking.
Bring liquid to a boil.
Hold a rapid boil.
Quickly brown or sear food.
Maintain a slow boil.
Fry or sauté foods.
Cook soups, sauces and
Stew or steam food.
Provide lowest heat setting.
Large-diameter cookware.
Large quantities of food.
Home canning.
Simmer sauces.
Melt chocolate or butter.
Keep cooked foods warm.



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