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NEC PlasmaSync 42XM4 PX-42XM4G User Manual page 4

Enhanced split screen model
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When you connect a computer to this monitor, use an RGB
cable including the ferrite core on both ends of the cable.
And regarding power cable, attach the supplied ferrite
cores. If you do not do this, this monitor will not conform
to mandatory CE or C-Tick standards.
Set the ferrite cores on both ends of the power cable
Use the band to fasten the ferrite core (supplied) to the
power cable.
Power cable (supplied)
Member State requires that used electrical and
electronic products carrying the mark (left) must
be disposed of separately from normal household
waste. This includes plasma monitors and their
electrical accessories. When you dispose of such
products, please follow the guidance of your local
authority and/or ask the shop where you purchased
the product.
After collecting the used products, they are reused
and recycled in a proper way. This effort will help
us reduce the wastes as well as the negative impact
to the human health and the environment at the
minimum level.
The mark on the electrical and electronic products
only applies to the current European Union Member
When disposing of used batteries, please comply with
governmental regulations or environmental public
instruction's rules that apply in your country/area.
Disposing of your used
EU-wide legislation as implemented in each

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