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Liquid Detergents; Detergents And Additives; Water Hardness - Zanussi TL572C Instruction Manual

Washing machine tl 572 c
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To remove paint stains, for example, use a volatile
substance such as turpentine: in this case, you
should wait for it to dry completely before washing.
The manufacturer of your washing machine is not
responsible for any damage deriving from the use
of volatile, inflammable or toxic substances.
At the end of the washing
Damp laundry should be dried as soon as possible
after finishing the wash.
Knitwear and woollens should be dried flat away
from direct sunlight.

Detergents and additives

Good washing results also depend on the choice
of detergent and use of the correct quantities to
avoid waste and protect the environment. Although
biodegradable, detergents contain substances
which in large quantities can damage the delicate
ecological balance of nature.
Always use good quality detergents suitable
for use in washing machines.
Follow the indications given by the detergent ma-
nufacturer according to the weight of laundry, the
degree of soil and the hardness of the water in
your area; if you do not know how hard it is, ask
your local Water Authority.
Powder detergents.
The washing powder should be placed in the
appropriate compartments of the dispenser drawer
before starting the programme. Special detergents
are availaible for coloured and delicate fabrics and
for wool.
"Concentrated" powder detergents
Pour the concentrated powder detergent into the
main wash ( ) compartment.
Avoid selecting programmes including
prewash when concentrated detergents are

Water hardness

very hard
German degrees
German degrees
German degrees
German degrees
German degrees
m mol
0 - 7
0 - 1,3
8 - 14
1,4 - 2,5
15 - 21
2,6 - 3,8

Liquid detergents

Using the new automatic dispenser for liquid
detergents, it is possible to use a liquid detergent
for main wash phases if you start the washing
machine immediately.
Liquid detergents can be used instead of powder
detergents particularly for lightly soiled laundry
and for medium or low temperature washing pro-
grammes, while it is better to use a powder
detergent for high temperature washing
Liquid additives
Any liquid additives for softening the laundry must
be poured into the compartment
dispenser drawer before starting the programme.
The addition of water softener is particularly useful
when drying the clothes in a tumble dryer after
washing to avoid a static charge.
Make sure that the level of the liquid never exceeds
the MAX level.
You may use a bleach agent in all the washing
programmes. However, make sure that the fabric
withstands the treatment. Bleach is automatically
washed down into the drum. Pour 1/4 to 1 glass of
12° chl bleach into compartment " " before
switching the machine on.
Make sure that the level of the liquid never exceeds
the MAX level.
French degrees
0 - 15
16 - 25
26 - 37
of the detergent


Table of Contents

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