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For The User; Warnings; Usage; Precautions Against Frost - Zanussi TE 1025 V Instruction Manual

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Keep this user's manual with your washing machine. If you sell your washing machine or give it away, make sure that it is
accompanied by its user's manual. The new user can then be informed of how the washing machine operates and read re-
levant warnings.
These warnings have been written for your safety and for the safety of others. Please read these comments care-
fully before installing and using your washing machine. Thank you for your attention.

1.1. Usage

When you receive your washing machine, unpack it or
have it unpacked immediately. Check its general
appearance. Make any reserves in writing on the deli-
very form and keep a copy.
Your washing machine was designed for use by adults.
Make sure that children do not touch it or use it as a
Do not modify or attempt to modify the characteristics
of this washing machine. This could be dangerous for
Your washing machine is intended for normal domestic
use. Do not use it for commercial or industrial purpo-
ses or for any purpose other than that for which it was
designed : to wash, to rinse and to spin.
Unplug the power suplly plug and close the water sup-
ply tap every time after using your washing machine.
Only wash articles that can resist machine washing.
Refer to the instructions on the label for each article.
Do not wash underwear with bones, or any material
without hems, or torn materials in your washing
Remember to remove all coins, safety pins, boraches,
screws, etc., before each wash. They can cause
serious damage if they are left in your washing.
Do not put articles in your washing machine if you have
used a solvent, alcohol, trichloroethylene, etc., to
remove stains from them. If you must use these stain
removers, wait until the product has evaporated before
putting the articles in the drum.
Collect all small articles such as socks, belts, etc., in a
small cloth bag or pillow case.
Use the quantity of detergent indicated in the «propor-
tioning of detergents» section.
Always unplug the washing machine before cleaning it
and doing any maintenance.

1.2. Precautions against frost

If your washing machine is exposed to temperatures below
0°C, take the following precautions :
Close the tap and disconnect the water supply pipe.
Put the end of this pipe and the drain pipe into a bowl
on the floor.
Select the «Drain» programme and make sure it works
until it is complete.
Switch the washing machine off by putting the program
selector to the «Off»
Off»* key.
Unplug the washing machine.
Screw in the water inlet pipe and install the drain pipe.
Water that remained in the pipes will then be evacuated,
thus preventing the formation of frost or ice that can dama-
ge your washing machine.
The next time you want to use your washing machine,
make sure that it is installed in a room in which the tempe-
rature is above 0°C.

1.3. Scrapping

All materials marked with the
Put them in a waste tip (ask for information from your mu-
nicipal offices) so that they can be recovered and recycled.
When you take your washing machine to the tip, make sure
that everything that could be dangerous is out of service ;
cut the power supply cable flush with the surface of your
washing machine.

1.4. Protection of the environment

We recommend that the following instructions should be
followed to achieve savings in water and energy and the-
refore to contribute to protection of the environment:
If possible, use the washing machine at full capacity
rather than with partial loads (however, do not overload
the drum).
Only use the Prewash or Soak function for very dirty
Use a detergent dose adapted to the water hardness
(see «proportioning of detergents» section) and to the
amount of washing and how dirty it is.
*depending on model
position or pressing on the «On/
symbol can be recycled.


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