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Emptying The Water Reservoir; Cleaning The Air Intake Grille; Cleaning The Drum - Zanussi TCE7245 Instruction Booklet

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Also clean the outside, removing all fluff.
Clean the rubber seal round the condenser cabinet
and in the inner part of the small door with a damp
Important! Do not use pointed objects or utensils to
clean the spaces between the plates, as this could
damage the condenser and make it permeable.
Re-fit the condenser, turn the red stops upwards
and close the door.
Do not use this appliance if the condenser
has not been fitted.

Emptying the water reservoir

Water extracted from the laundry condenses inside
the machine and is collected in a reservoir.
The reservoir must be emptied after each drying
cycle to ensure efficient operation when the
machine is next used. The pilot light
you this operation.
Proceed as follows:
Pull out the reservoir
Turn it upside down and let water flow down
Re-fit the reservoir
The reservoir must be re-inserted correctly.
If this is not done the pilot light
next drying and the programme stops, leaving the
laundry damp. The buzzer will sound.
After emptying and inserting the reservoir the
has to be depressed again to
allow the programme to continue.
Handy tip: The condensed water may be used in a
steam iron or to top up a battery, etc. In this case it
must be filtered (e.g. through a coffee filter).

Cleaning the air intake grille

Using a vacuum cleaner remove the fluff from the air
intake grille at the back of the appliance.

Cleaning the drum

When your laundry does not reach the desired
degree of dryness, in other words, when it turns out
either too dry or too damp, we advise you to clean
the inside of the drum with a cloth soaked with
This will eliminate the slight patina that has formed
in the drum (due to residues of detergent and
softeners used in the washing, and to the lime
contained in the water), which prevents the probes
from detecting the correct degree of dryness.
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