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Detergents And Additives - Zanussi W902 Instruction Booklet

Washer-dryer w902
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Ink: depending on the type of ink, moisten the fabric
first with acetone (*), then with acetic acid; treat any
residual marks on white fabrics with bleach and then
rinse thoroughly.
Tar stains: first treat with stain remover, methylated
spirits or benzine, then rub with detergent paste.
(*) do not use acetone on artificial silk.

Detergents and additives

Good washing results also depend on the choice of
detergent and use of the correct quantities to avoid
waste and protect the environment. Although
biodegradable, detergents contain substances
which, in large quantities, can upset the delicate
balance of nature.
The choice of detergent will depend on the type of
fabric (delicates, woollens, cottons, etc.), the colour,
washing temperature and degree of soiling.
All commonly available washing machine detergents
may be used in this appliance:
– powder detergents for all types of fabric,
– powder detergents for delicate fabrics (60°C max)
and woollens,
– liquid detergents, preferably for low temperature
wash programmes (60°C max) for all types of
fabric, or special for woollens only.
The detergent and any additives must be placed in
the appropriate compartments of the dispenser
drawer before starting the wash programme.
If using concentrated powder or liquid detergents, a
programme without prewash must be selected.
The washing machine incorporates a recirculation
system which allows an optimal use of the
concentrated detergent.
Pour liquid detergent into the dispenser drawer
compartment marked
Any fabric softener or starching additives must be
poured into the compartment marked
starting the wash programme.
Follow the product manufacturer's recommendations
on quantities to use and do not exceed the «MAX»
mark in the detergent dispenser drawer.
just before starting the
Quantity of detergent to be used
The type and quantity of detergent will depend on
the type of fabric, load size, degree of soiling and
hardness of the water used.
Water hardness is classified in so-called "degrees" of
hardness. Information on hardness of the water in
your area can be obtained from the relevant water
supply company, or from your local authority.
Follow the product manufacturers' instructions on
quantities to use.
Use less detergent if:
– you are washing a small load,
– the laundry is lightly soiled,
– large amounts of foam form during washing.


Table of Contents

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