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Drying Only; Automatic Washing And Drying - Zanussi W1202 Instruction Booklet

Washer-dryer w1202
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7. At the end of the programme
The machine stops automatically.
If you have selected a programme which ends with
the water of the last rinse in the tub (programmes G-
H-L-M-N), drain the water before opening the door
by selecting programme P (drain) or J (drain and
short spin).
The door is controlled by a safety device which
releases 2 minutes after the end of the programme.
Switch the machine off by pressing the ON/OFF
again. The mains-on light goes out.
Remove the laundry from the drum and carefully
check that the drum is empty so as to avoid any
forgotten items being damaged in a subsequent
wash (e.g. shrinking) or their colour running into a
load of whites.
If you do not intend to carry out another wash, close
the water tap.
Leave the door open to prevent the formation of
mildew and unpleasant smells.

Drying only

Warning! Do not exceed the maximum laundry
- 2.25 kg for linen and cottons
- 1.5 kg for synthetics.
The water tap must be open and the drain hose
must be positioned in the sink or connected to the
drain pipe.
1. Load the laundry
2. Select the drying programme F (for cotton) or K
(for synthetics).
3. Select the drying time in the black or grey section
of the selector, according to the fabrics (cotton
or synthetics) to dry.
4. Press the ON/OFF button
5. At the end of the cycle press the ON/OFF button
again to switch the appliance off.
6. Remove the laundry.

Automatic washing and drying

(NON-STOP programme)
Warning! For NON-STOP programmes, it is also
essential not to exceed the maximum load sizes of
2.25 kg for cotton and 1.5 kg for synthetics.
1. Load the laundry.
2. Add detergent and additive.
Do not use dosing device/ball when carrying
out a NON-STOP programme. The plastic
material with which it is made cannot
withstand the high temperature in the drum
during drying.
3. Select the wash programme and the
4. Select the drying time in the black or grey
5. Start the programme by depressing the ON/OFF
6. At the end of the programme press the ON/OFF
again to switch the machine off.
7. Remove the laundry.
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