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Installation; Unpacking; Positioning; Water Inlet - Zanussi W1202 Instruction Booklet

Washer-dryer w1202
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All transit bolts and packing must be
removed before using the appliance.
You are advised to keep all the packaging for re-use
in case the machine is to be transported again.
1. Using a spanner unscrew and remove the two
rear bottom screws. Slide out the two plastic
pins. Lay the machine gently on its back, making
sure that the hoses are not squashed.
2. Remove the polystyrene block from the bottom
of the machine and release the two plastic bags.
3. Very carefully slide out the left polythene bag,
removing it towards the right and then
4. Repeat the operation for the right polythene bag,
removing it towards the left and then upwards.
5. Remove the polystyrene base.
Set the machine upright and unscrew the
remaining rear screw. Slide out the relevant pin.
Fill all the holes with the plastic plugs supplied with
the instruction booklet.


Install the machine on a flat hard floor.
Make sure that air circulation around the machine is
not impeded by carpets, rugs etc. Check that the
machine does not touch the wall or other kitchen
Carefully level by screwing the adjustable feet in or
out. Never place cardboard, wood or similar
materials under the machine to compensate for any
unevenness in the floor.

Water inlet

Connect the water inlet hose supplied with the
machine to a tap with a 3/4" thread.
Do not use already employed hoses.
The other end of the inlet hose which connects to
the machine can be turned in any direction. Simply
loosen the fitting, rotate the hose and retighten the
fitting, making sure there are no water leaks.
The inlet hose must not be lengthened. If it is too
short and you do not wish to move the tap, you will
have to purchase a new, longer hose specially
designed for this type of use.


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