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Service Centres - Zanussi W1202 Instruction Booklet

Washer-dryer w1202
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Spinning starts late or the laundry is
not spun enough:
Water is not visible in the machine.
The machine makes an unusual noise.
The machine will not dry or the
laundry is not dry enough
If you are unable to identify or solve the problem,
contact our service centre. Before telephoning,
make a note of the model, serial number and
purchase date of your machine: the Service Centre
will require this information.
You can find the Service Centres at page 79.
Possible cause
• The electronic unbalance detection device has cut
in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in
the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse
rotation of the drum. This may happen several
times before the unbalance disappears and
normal spinning can resume. If, after 20 minutes,
the laundry is still not evenly distributed in the
drum, the machine will not spin. If at the end of the
programme the laundry is not spun enough,
redistribute the load manually and select the spin
• The machine, which is the result of modern
technology, runs in a very economical way with
low water consumption. Performance is
nevertheless excellent.
• The machine is fitted with a commutator motor
which improves machine performance.
• The water tap is closed.
• The drain filter is clogged.
• The drying time has not been selected.
• An appropriate drying time has not been chosen.
• There is too much laundry inside the appliance.


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