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External Cleaning; Prolonged Periods Of Non-Operation; Frost Precautions; Moving The Machine - Westinghouse SI 910 SA Care And Use Manual

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External cleaning

Clean the external surfaces of the machine and
control panel with a damp soft cloth. If necessary
use only neutral detergents. Never use abrasive
products, scouring pads or solvent (acetone,
trichloroethylene etc....).

Prolonged periods of non-operation

If you are not using the machine for any period
of time you are advised to:
1. Unplug the appliance and then turn off the
2. Fill the rinse aid dispenser;
3. Leave the door ajar to prevent the formation of
any unpleasant smells;
4. Leave the inside of the machine clean.

Frost precautions

Avoid placing the machine in a location where the
temperature is below 0°C. If this is unavoidable,
empty the machine, close the appliance door,
disconnect the water inlet pipe and empty it.

Moving the machine

If you have to move the machine (moving
house etc....):
1. Unplug it;
2. Turn the water tap off;
3. Remove the water inlet and discharge;
4. Pull the machine out together with the hoses.
Avoid over tilting the machine during transport.