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Storing Measurements; Recalling Stored Measurements - Walgreens Deluxe BD-7181W Owner's Manual

Deluxe automatic inflate blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Table of Contents
Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement
Inflation will stop automatically to begin
the measurement process. You will see a
downward facing arrow and the numbers
decreasing as the cuff is deflating. You
will also see a flashing heart to indicate
the measurement is taking place.
Note: Occasionally, to get an appropriate
measurement, the monitor may reinflate the
cuff to 30mmHg higher than the previous
inflation and begin the measurement
process again.
When your measurement is complete the
monitor will deflate automatically,
releasing the air pressure in the cuff.
The entire measurement process should take less than a
minute. Your blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed
and automatically stored in the memory.
* The monitor will automatically power off after about one minute.
NOTE: Blood pressure constantly changes during the course of
a day. Occasionally, high or low readings do not necessarily
mean your monitor is malfunctioning or that you are ill. It is
important to speak with your doctor to learn what your normal
blood pressure is if you experience abnormal measurements.
When you take a measurement the monitor automatically
stores it in memory space number one. As you continue to take
measurements the monitor will push the previous measurement
back one space. In other words, the value in space one will
always be the most recent blood pressure measurement taken.
Your monitor features a 3 party memory capability or 3 "zones" -
each zone stores 30 measurements a for a total memory
capacity of 90 readings. This unique feature allows 3 users to
use and store their blood pressure measurements separately all
on one monitor. This feature is also useful for one user to track
their blood pressure throughout the day: morning, afternoon,
and evening.
Press the
You will see a number appear: 1, 2, or 3. (Fig. 1)
Press the MEMORY button and the average of the last 3
readings will be displayed for that zone. For example, if you
select zone No. 1 and you press MEMORY, the average of the
last 3 measurements stored in zone No. 1 will appear on the
(Up) to go back to the previous measurement.
To go back to the main screen for "Recalling Stored
Measurements" and to choose another zone, press
scroll through the measurements until you reach the most
recent measurement and press once more. You can also press
START/STOP to return to the main screen.

Storing Measurements

Recalling Stored Measurements

(Up) or
(Down) button to select a user zone.
(Down) to view the next stored measurement; press
(Up) to

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Table of Contents

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