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Safety Thermostat - Zanussi ZOB 893 Q Instruction Booklet

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Table of Contents
Operating control light
It indicates that one or more of the heating
elements are turned on.
Oven thermostat control
This light goes off when the oven heats up
to the temperature set and comes on again
every time the thermostat cuts in to stabilize

Safety thermostat

In order to avoid excessive overheating due
to incorrect use of the appliance or else to a
faulty component, the oven is equipped with
a safety thermostat which cuts off the power
supply if necessary. Operation is restored
automatically when the oven temperature
decreases to normal values. Therefore, if the
thermostat cuts in because you have not
been using the appliance correctly, the oven
can be used again simply by waiting for the
appliance to cool down. If, instead, the
thermostat cuts in because of a faulty
component, you should call the Service
The Cooling Fan for the
Controls (Model ZOB 893 Q)
This oven is provided with a cooling fan,
meant to keep the front panel, the knobs
and the oven door handle cool. This fan may
run on after the oven or grill is switched off,
until a normal temperature is reached.


Table of Contents

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