When The Oven Is First Installed; Electronic Programmer - Zanussi ZOB 899 Instruction Booklet

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The Safety Thermostat
This oven is provided with a safety thermostat. In case of
malfunctioning of the main thermostat, and consequent
over-heating, the safety device will stop the power supply
to the appliance. If this happens, call your local Zanussi
Service Centre. Under no circumstances should you
attempt to repair the appliance yourself.
The cooling fan
The cooling fan is designed to cool the walls of the oven
and the components of the oven itself.
The fan switches on automatically after a few minutes of
cooking. Warm air is blown out through the aperture near
the oven door handle. When the oven is switched off, the
fan will remain on in order to cool the oven and kitchen
cabinets properly, after which it switches off automatically.
NOTE: The fan may run up to 45 minutes after cooking
has been completed. Leaving the door ajar will lessen
the cooling time.

When the oven is first installed

The oven will work only if the time of day has
been set with the electronic programmer.
Before cooking for the first time, carefully wash
the oven accessories.
Once the oven has been installed:
a) set the thermostat knob to MAX (230°C);
b) switch the oven function control knob to conventional
cooking (
c) allow the oven to run empty for approximately 45
d) open a window for ventilation.
During this time, an unpleasant odour may be emitted.
This is absolutely normal, and is caused by residues of
Repeat this operation for the grill and fan cooking function.
Once this operation is carried out, let the oven cool down,
then clean the oven cavity with a soft cloth soaked in warm
soapy water.
Fig. 4
FO 2259
FO 2161
Fig. 5
To open the oven door, always catch the
handle in its central part (Fig. 5).


Table of Contents

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