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Warnings And Safety Instructions; Operator Safety; Unit/Machine Safety; Fuel Safety - Hitachi CG 22EAS(SL) Handling Instructions Manual

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Operator safety

○ Always wear a safety face shield or goggles.
○ Always wear heavy, long pants, boots and gloves. Do not wear
loose clothing, jewelry, short pants, sandals or go barefoot.
Secure hair so it is above shoulder length.
○ Do not operate this tool when you are tired, ill or under the
infl uence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
○ Never let a child or inexperienced person operate the machine.
○ Wear hearing protection. Pay attention to your surroundings.
Be aware of any bystanders who may be signaling a problem.
Remove safety equipment immediately upon shutting off
○ Wear head protection.
○ Never start or run the engine inside a closed room or building.
Breathing exhaust fumes can kill.
○ Keep handles free of oil and fuel.
○ Keep hands away from cutting equipment.
○ Do not grab or hold the unit by the cutting equipment.
○ When the unit is turned off , make sure the cutting attachment
has stopped before the unit is set down.
○ When operation is prolonged, take a break from time to time
so that you may avoid possible Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
(HAVS) which is caused by vibration.
○ Antivibration systems do not guarantee that you will not sustain
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome.
Therefore, continual and regular users should monitor closely
the condition of their hands and fi ngers. If any symptoms of the
above appear, seek medical advice immediately.
○ If you are using any medical electric/electronic devices such
as a pacemaker, consult your physician as well as the device
manufacturer prior to operating any power equipment.

Unit/machine safety

○ Inspect the entire unit/machine before each use. Replace
damaged parts. Check for fuel leaks and make sure all
fasteners are in place and securely tightened.
○ Replace parts that are cracked, chipped or damaged in any way
before using the unit/machine.
○ Make sure the safety guard is properly attached.
○ Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments.
○ Use only accessories as recommended for this unit/machine by
the manufacturer.
Never modify the unit/machine in any way. Do not use your unit/
machine for any job except that for which it is intended.

Fuel safety

○ Mix and pour fuel outdoors and where there are no sparks or
fl ames.
○ Use a container approved for fuel.
○ Do not smoke or allow smoking near fuel or the unit/machine or
while using the unit/machine.
○ Wipe up all fuel spills before starting engine.
○ Move at least 3 m away from fueling site before starting engine.
○ Stop engine before removing fuel cap.
○ Empty the fuel tank before storing the unit/machine. It is
recommended that the fuel be emptied after each use. If fuel is
left in the tank, store so fuel will not leak.
○ Store unit/machine and fuel in area where fuel vapors cannot
reach sparks or open fl ames from water heaters, electric motors
or switches, furnaces. etc.
Fuel is easy to ignite or get explosion or inhale fumes, so that
pay special attention when handling or fi lling fuel.
Cutting safety
○ Do not cut any material other than grass and brush.
○ Inspect the area to be cut before each use. Remove objects
which can be thrown or become entangled.
○ For respiratory protection, wear an aerosol protection mask
when cutting the grass after insecticide is scattered.
○ Keep others including children, animals, bystanders and
helpers outside the 15 m hazard zone. Stop the engine
immediately if you are approached.
○ Always keep the engine on the right side of your body.
○ Hold the unit/machine fi rmly with both hands.
○ Keep fi rm footing and balance. Do not over-reach.
○ Keep all parts of your body away from the muffl er and cutting
attachment when the engine is running.
○ Keep cutting attachment below waist level.
○ When relocating to a new work area, be sure to shut off the
machine and ensure that all cutting attachments are stopped.
○ Never place the machine on the ground when running.
○ Always ensure that the engine is shut off and any cutting
attachments have completely stopped before clearing debris or
removing grass from the cutting attachment.
○ Always carry a fi rst-aid kit when operating any power
○ Never start or run the engine inside a closed room or building
and/or near infl ammable liquids. Breathing exhaust fumes can
Maintenance safety
○ Maintain
○ Disconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance
except for carburetor adjustments.
○ Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments.
○ Use only genuine Hitachi replacement parts as recommended
by the manufacturer.
Transport and storage
○ Carry the unit/machine by hand with the engine stopped and
the muffl er away from your body.
○ Allow the engine to cool, empty the fuel tank, and secure the
unit/machine before storing or transporting in a vehicle.
○ Empty the fuel tank before storing the unit/machine. It is
recommended that the fuel be emptied after each use. If fuel is
left in the tank, store so fuel will not leak.
○ Store unit/machine out of the reach of children.
○ Clean and maintain the unit carefully and store it in a dry place.
○ Make sure engine switch is off when transporting or storing.
○ When transporting in a vehicle, cover blade with blade cover.
If situations occur which are not covered in this manual, take care
and use common sense. Contact Hitachi Authorized Service
Centers if you need assistance. Pay special attention to statements
preceded by the following words:
Indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury or loss of
life, if instructions are not followed.
Indicates a possibility of personal injury or equipment damage,
if instructions are not followed.
Helpful information for correct function and use.
Do not disassemble the recoil starter. You may get a possibility
of personal injury with recoil spring.

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Table of Contents