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Safety Precautions; Installation Location - Mitsubishi Electric PUHZ-RP HA5 Installation Manual

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1. Safety precautions

1.3. Before electric work
• B e sure to install circuit breakers. If not installed, electric shock may re-
• F or the power lines, use standard cables of sufficient capacity. Otherwise,
a short circuit, overheating, or fire may result.
• W hen installing the power lines, do not apply tension to the cables. If the
connections are loosened, the cables can snap or break and overheating
or fire may result.
1.4. Before starting the test run
• T urn on the main power switch more than 12 hours before starting opera-
tion. Starting operation just after turning on the power switch can severely
damage the internal parts. Keep the main power switch turned on during
the operation season.
• Before starting operation, check that all panels, guards and other protec-
tive parts are correctly installed. Rotating, hot, or high voltage parts can
cause injuries.
• Do not touch any switch with wet hands. Electric shock may result.
1.5. Using R410A refrigerant air conditioners
• Use C1220 copper phosphorus, for copper and copper alloy seamless
pipes, to connect the refrigerant pipes. Make sure the insides of the pipes
are clean and do not contain any harmful contaminants such as sulfuric
compounds, oxidants, debris, or dust. Use pipes with the specified thick-
ness. (Refer to 4.1.) Note the following if reusing existing pipes that carried
R22 refrigerant.
- Replace the existing flare nuts and flare the flared sections again.
- Do not use thin pipes. (Refer to 4.1.)
• Store the pipes to be used during installation indoors and keep both ends
of the pipes sealed until just before brazing. (Leave elbow joints, etc. in
their packaging.) If dust, debris, or moisture enters the refrigerant lines, oil
deterioration or compressor breakdown may result.
• Use ester oil, ether oil, alkylbenzene oil (small amount) as the refrigeration
oil applied to the flared sections. If mineral oil is mixed in the refrigeration
oil, oil deterioration may result.
Fig. 1-1

2. Installation location

Fig. 2-1
• Be sure to ground the unit. Do not connect the ground wire to gas or water
pipes, lightning rods, or telephone grounding lines. If the unit is not prop-
erly grounded, electric shock may result.
• U se circuit breakers (ground fault interrupter, isolating switch (+B fuse),
and molded case circuit breaker) with the specified capacity. If the circuit
breaker capacity is larger than the specified capacity, breakdown or fire
may result.
• D o not touch the refrigerant pipes with bare hands during operation. The
refrigerant pipes are hot or cold depending on the condition of the flowing
refrigerant. If you touch the pipes, burns or frostbite may result.
• A fter stopping operation, be sure to wait at least 5 minutes before turning
off the main power switch. Otherwise, water leakage or breakdown may
• Do not use refrigerant other than R410A refrigerant. If another refrigerant is
used, the chlorine will cause the oil to deteriorate.
• Use the following tools specifically designed for use with R410A refrigerant.
The following tools are necessary to use R410A refrigerant. Contact your
nearest dealer for any questions.
Tools (for R410A)
Gauge manifold
Charge hose
Gas leak detector
Torque wrench
• B e sure to use the correct tools. If dust, debris, or moisture enters the re-
frigerant lines, refrigeration oil deterioration may result.
• Do not use a charging cylinder. If a charging cylinder is used, the compo-
sition of the refrigerant will change and the efficiency will be lowered.
1.6. Accessories of outdoor unit (Fig. 1-1) (RP170/200)
The parts show in the left are the accessories of this unit, which are affixed to the
inside of the service panel.
1 Joint pipe ......... ×1
2.1. Refrigerant pipe (Fig. 2-1)
► C heck that the difference between the heights of the indoor and outdoor
units, the length of refrigerant pipe, and the number of bends in the pipe
are within the limits shown below.
A Pipe length
(one way)
Max. 50 m
RP100, 15, 140
Max. 75 m
RP170, 00
Max. 75 m
• Height difference limitations are binding regardless of which unit, indoor or out-
door, is positioned higher.
D Indoor unit
E Outdoor unit
Flare tool
Size adjustment gauge
Vacuum pump adapter
Electronic refrigerant charging scale
B Height
C Number of bends
(one way)
Max. 30 m
Max. 15
Max. 30 m
Max. 15
Max. 30 m
Max. 15



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