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Siemens Gigaset SE567 Quick Start Manual page 3

Residential wireless gateway
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Step 1 > Install Line Filters
Devices such as fax machines, caller ID boxes, or phones or phones that share the same
phone line as your DSL account require a line filter. The line filter prevents noise from
disrupting the DSL signal on the phone line. Filters can be in the form of a stand-alone
line filter or a wall-mount filter.
Stand-alone Line Filter
For each device that ahares the DSL phone line:
1. Unplug the device's cord from the phone jack.
2. Plug the filter into the phone jack.
3. Plug the phone cord (or other device cord)
into the filter.
Wall-mount Filter
For a wall-mounted phone, use a wall-mount
1. Remove the phone from the wall.
2. Connect the wall-mount filter to the
all plate.
3. Reconnect the phone.

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