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Using Several Handsets; Registering Handsets - Siemens Gigaset SX670 isdn User Manual

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Gigaset SX670_SX675 isdn / EN-Master / A31008-xxxx-xxxx-x-xxxx / / 7.11.07

Using several handsets

Registering handsets

You can register up to six handsets to your
base station.
A Gigaset S67H handset can be registered
to up to four base stations.
Please note:
Following successful registration, all
MSNs are used as receive MSNs and the
first MSN is used as a send MSN for this
Automatic registration of Gigaset
S67H to Gigaset SX670 isdn/SX675
Precondition: The handset must not
already be registered to a base station.
Registering the handset to the base sta-
tion occurs automatically.
Place the handset in the base station
with its display facing forward.
Registration can take up to 5 minutes.
During this process,
appears in the display and the name of the
base station flashes, e.g.
handset has registered, its screen displays
its internal number, e.g.
number 2. The handset is assigned the
lowest available internal number (1–6).
If all internal numbers 1–6 have been
assigned, number 6 is overwritten, pro-
vided the handset with the internal
number 6 is in idle status.
1. When the
for internal
Please note:
– Automatic registration is not possible when
the base station to which you wish to regis-
ter the handset is being used to make a call.
– Each key press interrupts the automatic
– If automatic registration does not work,
you will have to register the handset manu-
– You can change the name of the handset
(see page 51).
Manual registration of Gigaset S67H to
Gigaset SX670 isdn/SX675 isdn
You must activate manual registration of
the handset on both the handset and the
base station.
Once it has been registered, the handset
returns to idle status. The handset's inter-
nal number is shown in the display
1. If not, repeat the procedure.
On the handset
Select base station, e.g.
and press
Enter the system PIN of the
base station (the default is
0000) and press
for example, see
ing in the display.
On the base station
Within 60 sec. press and hold the registra-
tion/paging key on the base station
(page 1)(page 2) (approx. 3 sec.).
Registering other handsets
You can register other Gigaset handsets
and handsets for other devices with GAP
functionality as follows.
On the handset
Start to register the handset as
described in its user guide.
Register H/Set
Base 1
. You will,
Base 1


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