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Customer Service; Notes - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Customer Service

Please call your local service agent, if you
are not able to resolve any problem
yourself. The name of your nearest service
agent is shown in the Customer Service
address list. When you call, please provide
details of the model number (1) and the
production (FD) number (2) which are
shown on the nameplate on the appliance
Please note that a visit by the
customer service technician in
the event of a fault or one of
the problems previously
discussed is not free of charge
even during the warranty


Disposal of your old appliance
Old appliances are not worthless rubbish.
Valuable raw materials can be reclaimed
by recycling old appliances.
Pull out the mains plug of the redundant
appliance. Cut off the power cord and
discard with mains plug.
To prevent children from locking
themselves in the appliance and
suffocating, destroy the door lock
and childproof lock (if fitted).
You received your new appliance in
a protective shipping carton. All packaging
materials are environmentally friendly and
recyclable. Please contribute to a better
environment by disposing of packaging
materials in an environmentally-friendly
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your
local authority about current means of
Keep children away from the shipping
carton and packaging components.
Danger of suffocation from folding cartons
and plastic film.
Notes on comparison tests
You will find details of the conditions for
the comparison tests on the additional
"Notes on comparison tests" sheet. The
consumption values for the relevant
programmes are given in the introduction.

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Table of Contents