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Standard Programmes - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Before using the appliance for the first
time, you can change the selected
language (see chapter "Before using the
appliance for the first time").
If the Language option is selected,
several language codes are displayed.
The code of the currently selected
language flashes. A total of 17 codes
or languages can be selected.
If selecting a language code, the clear
text is displayed on the lower line in the
corresponding language.
Type of utensil
Amount of food
Condition of food
The associated programme data (duration, energy and water consumption) can be found
in the summary of instructions.
We strongly recommend that you use the automatic programmes as the energy and water
consumption is kept as low as possible on account of the variable programme sequence.
However, the programme sequence of the standard programmes is fixed.
Normal Extra
Normal Eco

Standard programmes

In addition to the wash programmes which
can be selected from the main menu, the
following standard programmes can be
selected in turn from the "Normal"
Normal Extra – Normal Eco –
Normal – Normal Plus.
Select the desired programme and
return to the main menu.
If you do not want to select any of the
displayed standard programmes, return
to the "Standard programmes" display
and then to the main menu by pressing
the "Back" button
If you would like to cancel the selection
of a standard programme, select the
Standard programmes option. Then
simultaneously press the "Main menu"
and button
The selected standard programme
is then deleted. The main menu and
"Auto Wash" programme are displayed.
Mixed utensils
Small to large
Slightly adhesive
or button
Normal Plus

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Table of Contents