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Recording - Panasonic NV-SJ550AM Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder nv-sj550am
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Table of Contents
– Confirm that the VCR is on.
– Confirm that the TV is on and the VCR viewing channel is
– Set the VCR/TV switch
Insert a video cassette with an intact erasure
prevention tab.
– If it has already been inserted, press the POWER
to turn the VCR on.
Select the TV station using the
Channel buttons
– It is also possible to select by
pressing the Numeric buttons
Press the REC (REC/OTR) button
( ) to start recording.
Press the Stop button
To Select the Desired Tape Speed
Press the SPEED button
– SP provides standard recording time,
optimum picture and sound quality.
LP provides doubled recording time
with slightly reduced picture and
sound quality.
EP provides tripled recording time with slightly reduced
picture and sound quality.
When you play back a tape recorded in the EP mode, the
monaural sound may be unstable.
When you start the recording in the EP mode, [EP] indication
on the VCR display flashes for about 8 seconds.
EP mode means Super Long Play (SLP).
To Pause Recording
Press the Pause/Slow button
during recording.
Press it again to continue recording.
To View One TV Programme while
Recording Another TV Programme
After pressing the REC button
your TV the programme position of the TV programme that
you want to view.
To Prevent Accidental Erasure of Recorded
Break out the erasure prevention tab after recording.
If you insert a video cassette with a broken out erasure
prevention tab and press the REC button
indication flashes on the VCR display to indicate that
recording is not possible.
In this case, cover the tab hole with two layers of adhesive


to [VCR].
to stop recording.
before recording.
or the PAUSE/STILL button
to start recording, select on
, the 1
To Display the Approximate Remaining
Tape Time
The remaining tape time can be displayed in the VCR
1 Select [TAPE SELECT] from the on screen display and
select the corresponding video cassette tape length.
See page 13.
2 Press the DISPLAY button
Remaining Tape Time appears on the VCR display.
For certain cassettes, the remaining tape time may not be
VCR display
displayed correctly.
– When playing back a cassette recorded in the LP or EP
mode, some picture and sound distortion may occur.
However, this is not a malfunction.
– The recording pause mode will be automatically cancelled
after 5 minutes and return to the stop mode.
– The tape recorded in the EP mode on this VCR cannot be
played back on the other VCR without EP mode function.
– On the other VCR (even with EP mode function), when you
play back the tape recorded in the EP mode, the picture
and the sound may be distorted. However, this is not a
– When a video cassette with a broken off erasure
prevention tab is inserted, the [1] indication will flash to
indicate that recording is not possible even if the REC
(REC/OTR) button
repeatedly until the
Remaining Tape Time
( ) is pressed.


Table of Contents

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