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Usage Precautions - Panasonic NV-SJ500 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder nv-sj500series nv-sj508amj
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Usage Precautions

Please read these precautions before you operate this VCR.
Avoid Sudden Changes in Temperature
If the VCR is suddenly moved from a cold to a warm place,
dew may form on the tape and inside the VCR.
Humidity and Dust
Avoid places where there is high humidity or much dust,
which may cause damage to internal parts.
Do Not Obstruct the Ventilation Holes
The ventilation holes prevent abnormal increases in
temperature. Do not block or cover these holes. Avoid
covering the holes with soft materials such as cloth or paper.
Avoid High Temperature
Keep the VCR away from extreme heat sources such as
direct sunlight, heating radiators, or closed automobiles.
Avoid Magnets or Magnetized objects
Never bring a magnet or magnetized object near the VCR as
it will adversely affect its performance of the VCR.
Keep the VCR away from other equipments as much as
possible when using it, avoid any adverse effect on
performance for both the VCR and the equipment.
Do Not Place Fingers or Other Objects Inside
Do not attempt to disassemble the VCR. Touching internal
parts of this VCR is dangerous, and may cause it serious
damage. There are no user serviceable par ts inside.
Avoid Water
Keep the VCR away from flower vases, tubs, sinks, etc. If
liquids are spilled into the VCR, serious damage could occur.
If you spill any liquid into the VCR, consult qualified service
To avoid damage by lightning, disconnect the aerial plug from
the VCR.
Cleaning the VCR
Wipe the VCR with a clean, dry cloth. Never use cleaning fluid
or other chemicals. Do not use compressed air to remove any
Place the VCR in a horizontal position, and do not place
anything heavy on it.
If Dew Forms in the VCR
Dew may form in the VCR if:
≥ The VCR is in a room where the heater has just been
turned on.
≥ The VCR is in a room with steam or high humidity.
≥ The VCR is brought from cold surroundings into a well-
heated room.
≥ The VCR is suddenly brought from cool surroundings, such
as an air-conditioned room or car, to a place which is hot
and humid.
≥ Do not operate the VCR for at least 1 hour if any of the
above condition occur.
This VCR does not incorporate a dew sensor.
Dirt on the video heads
If the video heads get dirty, pictures will not be recorded or
played back clearly.
(See the following conditions.)
Normal picture
Small amount
of dirt
If this happens, inser t and eject a cassette 5–10 times
successively to remove the dirt from the video heads.
If the problem still persists after performing above, contact a
service personnel to request assistance.
Large amount
of dirt


Table of Contents

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